UK Nonlinear News, July 1996

Situations Vacant: Fellowships

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Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Signal Analysis of Dynamic Systems

University of Cambridge: Department of Engineering

This project is concerned with optimal sampling and statistical analysis of time series data generated by mechanical systems. The particular application is concerned with analysising tyre force data generated by the motion of heavy vehicles at highway speeds. The objective is to obtain accurate estimates of system parameters from limited amounts of sampled data, using prior information about the system dynamics. The research will involve the collection of field data, use of advanced signal processing techniques, statistical analysis and optimisation, and vehicle simulations.

Candidates should have a broad range of skills, with a PhD in Mathematics, Physics or Engineering. Experience is needed in advanced digital signal processing techniques and efficient computation. An understanding of the dynamics of mechanical systems and Bayesian statistical analysis would be an advantage. The research will involve a significant amount of complex field testing, and it is vital that the researcher has good experimental, organisational and communication skills.

The salary will be on the Research Associates scale, and will be in the range 13,054 pounds to 29,848 pounds per annum, depending upon the age and experience of the applicant. The closing date for all applications is Tuesday 20 August 1996. For further details, please contact: Mrs S. Kerry, Cambridge University Engineering Department, Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1PZ, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1223 332996, fax +44 (0) 1223 332662, E-mail:

The University follows an equal opportunities policy.

Source: The Guardian, 23rd July 1996.

EC HCM Postdoctoral Position on "Stability and Universality in Classical Mechanics"

University of Cambridge: Nonlinear Centre, DAMTP

EC HCM Postdoctoral position on "Stability and Universality in Classical Mechanics" (4 months). This position is available for an EC non-UK citizen to carry out research in an appropriate area of classical mechanics. Particularly appropriate topics would be renormalisation approach to KAM theory and discrete breathers. Contact

EC TMR Postdoctoral position on "Nonlinear dynamics and statistical physics of spatially extended systems"

University of Cambridge: Nonlinear Centre, DAMTP

EC TMR Postdoctoral position (1 or 2 years) expected on "Nonlinear dynamics and statistical physics of spatially extended systems". Probably available from 1 Jan 97, for an EC non-UK citizen. Contact

The funding for this position has not yet been confirmed.

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