UK Nonlinear News Issue 49, December 2007

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The School of Mathematics at the University of Leeds has appointed three new lecturers and one professor in Nonlinear Sciences, who join active groups working on Applied Nonlinear Dynamics and on Integrable Systems.
  • Mikhail Ivanchenko works on energy localisation, redistribution and equipartition processes in anharmonic Hamiltonian lattices, and on bursting and synchronisation in neuronal networks.
  • Thomas Wagenknecht investigates homoclinic snaking and homoclinic bifurcations from degenerate equilibria, and structured pseudospectra for eigenvalue problems arising in delay differential equations.
  • Jitse Niesen works on the numerical analysis of ODEs, Evans function methods and on algorithms for determining Lie symmetries of PDEs to find nonclassical symmetries.
  • Professor Simon Ruijsenaars investigates difference operators associated with quantum many-body problems, and is building a comprehensive theory of analytic difference equations from the perspective of Hilbert space theory.

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