This new journal is published by the American Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)
in cooperation with Shandong University (China). To guarantee the journal's immediate
relevance AIMS and its sponsors have agreed to offer several hundreds of gift subscriptions 
(print and/or online) to major institutes and departments, worldwide, for several years.

Aims and Scope of the journal:

AMC is thought to be a forum for original research articles in the broad area of mathematics
of communications. It will cover all mathematical work that is expected to be relevant to
applications in communications technology
. For this reason we expect and encourage
submissions from various areas of mathematics including -- but not limited to -- algebra
(pure or applied), algebraic geometry, coding theory, cryptology, combinatorics, finite geometry,
and number theory. Importantly, we also aim to cover the algorithmic and computational aspects
of the disciplines involved. All mathematics and computer science contributions will be welcome
provided they are of appropriate depth and relevance, and link to the above-mentioned applications
in communications technology.

The editorial board:

The current list of editors consists of many internationally renowned scholars, known particularly
for their successful scientific endeavour in pure and applied mathematics:

    Alexander Barg, Albrecht Beutelspacher, Ian Blake, Eimear Byrne, Yvo Desmedt, Jintai Ding,
    Steven Dougherty, Iwan Duursma, Veerle Fack, Patrick Fitzpatrick, Heide Gluesing-Luerssen,
    Tom Hoeholdt, Thomas Honold, Jianya Liu, Neal Koblitz, Ivan Landjev, Simon Litsyn,
    Sergio Lopez-Permouth, Michael O'Sullivan, Joachim Rosenthal, Renate Scheidler, Stefan Schmidt,
    Hovav Shacham, Neil Sloane,  Patrick Sole, Andreas Stein, Douglas Stinson, Mario Szegedy,
    Edlyn Teske, Henk van Tilborg, Judy Walker, Harold Ward, Xiaoyun Wang and Gilles Zemor.

Information for authors:

Highest quality submissions should be sent directly to the EIC Marcus Greferath at the University
College Dublin ( Manuscripts in pdfformat will be welcome and will be
evaluated on the basis of at least 2 review reports. For accepted manuscripts the authors will be
asked to provide latex sources in AMSTeX or AMSLaTeX format.

Subscription information:

AMC will appear in 4 issues per year, presumably with 200 pages each, with the inaugural issue
in early 2007. The current subscription rates (for 2007) are US$ 220 for print and online, and
US$200 for online access only. These prices are subject to changes in forthcoming years. If you
are interested please contact the EIC Marcus Greferath ( or the publisher
Shouchuan Hu ( directly. Note that there are a number of gift subscriptions
for institutions where AMC is of high interest.

We hope you will find this information useful and consider posting it on your servers.

Please contact me with any questions that you might have.

Yours, sincerely. Marcus Greferath (