UK Nonlinear News, May 1996

New Journal:

Combustion Theory and Modelling

Plans are now well-advanced for the creation of a new journal on the theoretical study of combustion, with volume 1, issue 1, appearing in the first quarter of 1997, published by the Institute of Physics Publishers who also publish Nonlinearity. A call for papers will soon be made.
Some details can be found, and will be updated regularly, in the URL:


Combustion Theory and Modelling is a journal for the publication and dissemination of scientific articles that apply mathematical theory, modelling, numerical simulation and experimental techniques to the study of combustion. Experimental studies that are published in the journal are expected to be closely related to theoretical issues, either by highlighting fundamental theoretical questions or by providing a sound basis for comparison with theory. The journal encourages fundamental theoretical investigations into all aspects of combustion, aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of its various phenomena and at strengthening the predictive power of theoretical methods.

Analytical techniques, numerical methods, and modelling strategies with a mathematical character that are used successfully in combustion science cover a broad spectrum. These range from asymptotic and perturbation methods for nonlinear partial differential equations, and dynamical systems theory, through statistical and probabilistic methods used in turbulence modelling, to modern computational approaches such as adaptive mesh refinement and front tracking.

The new journal "Combustion Theory and Modelling" will focus on providing the highest quality forum for articles that explain combustion phenomena and that explore the predictions and properties of combustion models from a modern mathematically-based viewpoint.

Contact: Prof. J. W. Dold (
Hon. Editor, CTM
Mathematics Department, UMIST
Manchester M60 1QD
Tel. (0161) 200 36 54; Fax (0161) 200 36 69.

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