UK Nonlinear News, May 1996

Workshop on
"Dynamics of Non-Equilibrium Systems"

19 - 30 August 1996: Miramare-Trieste, Italy

M. BARMA (Tata Institute, Bombay, India)
A. MARITAN (SISSA, Trieste, Italy)
R. STINCHCOMBE (Oxford University, U.K.)
Non-equilibrium many-body systems often have very interesting properties on large space and time scales. Recent work on stochastic evolution models of interacting particles has contributed greatly to our understanding of such systems, but there are still many open problems. This workshop will focus on a connected set of currently interesting topics, namely: The aim is to have a mix of invited lecturers and other workers in these fields, including younger participants at the postdoctoral or senior research student level. The planned schedule of relatively few lectures per day would allow ample time for interactions and discussion and brief presentations by participants.

Invited speakers

The list of invited speakers includes:-

P. Bak (Brookhaven National Lab., Upton)
J.R. Banavar (Pennsylvania State, University Park)
J.P. Bouchaud (CEA, Saclay)
A. Bray (University of Manchester)
M. Cieplak (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw)
B. Derrida (ENS, Paris)
D. Dhar (Tata Institute, Bombay)
E. Domany (Weizmann Institute, Rehovot)
G. Grinstein (IBM,Yorktown Heights)
J. Krug (IFF, KFA J=FClich)
J. Lebowitz (Rutgers, Piscataway)
K. Sneppen (Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen)
H. Spohn (Ludwig Maximilians Univ., Munich)
A.L. Stella (University of Padua)
R. Zia (Virginia Polytech. Inst., Blacksburg)


The ICTP can provide funds to cover local expenses for a limited number of participants. Research workers in this field who wish to participate on their own funds are welcome to contact the Organizers. Participation is open to all scientists from all member countries of the United Nations, IAEA or UNESCO. There are no registration fees. Interested parties should submit a brief Curriculum Vitae and a brief statement (~ 1/2 page) of their current research interests with a list of recent publications and send it by fax or post to reach before the end of March 1996 to:-
Workshop on "Dynamics of Non-Equilibrium Systems"
International Centre for Theoretical Physics
P.O. Box 586, I-34100 Trieste, Italy

Telephone: (0-40) 2240111
Telex: 460392 ICTP I
Telefax: (0-40) 224163
(This poster is also obtainable in plaintext via e-mail:, typing "get poster" on the subject line , or via Gopher Server: gopher:// No Latex/Tex files are permitted.)

Trieste, September 1995



Requiring Financial Support under the
European Commission's "Human Capital and Mobility" Programme

        The International Centre for Theoretical Physics gratefully
acknowledges support from the European Commission, to help young scientists
(age up to 35 for men and 40 for women) from the European Economic Area to
participate in the Workshop on Dynamics of Non-Equilibrium systems (19 - 30
August 1996).  Upon receipt of this application form, the ICTP will submit
your name for some financial assistance.  The outcome of selection for
grants will be known only nearer the time of the event and,should you be
one of those selected for support, we shall let you know immediately. The
decision of the selection committee will be communicated to all candidates.
Please note that candidates who qualify for this support and who are
currently studying/working ouside the EEA cannot receive travel expenses, 
but will be eligible for living expenses.

To qualify one must either be a citizen of a European Economic Area State
or be residing and working in an EEA state for at least one year.

European Economic Area:  Austria,  Belgium,  Denmark,  Finland,  France,
Germany,  Greece,  Iceland, Ireland,  Italy,  Luxembourg,  The Netherlands,
Norway,  Portugal,   Spain, Sweden,   United Kingdom.

I wish to apply for a Human Capital and Mobility grant to attend the
Workshop on Dynamics of Non-Equilibrium Systems (19 - 30 August 1996).

Are you a European citizen of a member state country ?   Yes      No
Are you residing and working in a member state ?         Yes      No
        if yes,  (i)  how long have you been there?     ___________________
                (ii)  how long is your stay there forseen? ________________

Professional status:
First University (or equivalent) graduation date:
Institute of graduation:
Current or projected research activities and motives for wishing to attend
the Euroconferences:

Do you or your research group hold a grant from which Euroconference
participation could be funded?      Yes        No

Have you applied for a grant for this purpose from any other body?
Yes          No
If yes, what result?

(Optional) You may include a "Comments on benefit of participation" letter
from your Supervisor, Department Head, etc.

Estimated costs of travel to Euroconference (using most economical air or
second class train fare. Please note that the EC does not reimburse those
people who travel by car/taxi.)

FROM          TO            Means of Transport   Return/Single    COST
________    __________      _______________      _____________   _________

________    __________      _______________      _____________   _________

________    __________      _______________      _____________   _________


I declare the above truthful and sincere, that I do not expect to be funded
for Euroconference participation from other sources except as above, and that
if awarded a grant by the Euroconference organisers, I will not cover any
expenses from more than one funding source.

Signature....................                    Date..........................


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