UK Nonlinear News, May 1996
First announcement

Workshop on
Time-Reversal Symmetry in Dynamical Systems

9-20 December 1996: Mathematics Research Centre, Warwick

Organised by: Jeroen S.W. Lamb (

1 June 1996 : proposals for survey papers
20 December 1996 : research and survey papers
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(First Announcement)

The main theme of this meeting will be:

The dynamical consequences of time-reversal symmetry in dynamical systems with discrete time (mappings) and continuous time (flows), with an emphasis on

The workshop intends to bring together scientists from various branches of (applied) mathematics and (theoretical) physics who have been dealing with time-reversal symmetry in dynamical systems. The meeting will deal with various types of time-reversal symmetry, including

The workshop intends to cover a broad spectrum of dynamical phenomena, such as and to highlight the use of time-reversal symmetry in applications, including e.g.
For application forms & information for participation in this workshop, please contact Elaine Greaves ( at the Mathematics Research Centre.

Queries and comments concerning the scientific program should be addressed to Jeroen Lamb (

For more information, including invited participants,see

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