UK Nonlinear News, May 1996

The Seventh IMA Conference on

Mathematics in Medicine and Biology

10th-12th July, 1996: Oxford, UK

Co-sponsored by the International Biometrics Society, British Region

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In the two decades that have passed since the first IMA Conference, studies of new phenomena have challenged mathematicians and biologists to cooperate to develop newer mathematical approaches to achieve an understanding of the processes. The purpose of the meeting is to bring together young research workers so that together they may share with keynote speakers the excitement of newer developments in the analytical tools and theory that support recent scientific advances in medicine and biology.

The first day of the conference, jointly sponsored by the International Biometric Society (British Region) will cover specific situations in medicine and biology that illustrate the effectiveness of the combination of stochastic and deterministic approaches. This theme will extend where possible to the second and third days that contain sessions on four areas of application. All three days will have keynote speakers and contributed papers.

Session 1: Stochastic and deterministic approaches to population modelling. Keynote speaker: V. S. Isham (University College London).

Session 2: Infectious diseases including the epidemiology of infectious disease of humans, animals and plants, strategies for control and the spatial structure and dynamics of pathogen immunity status interaction. Keynote speaker: B. Grenfell (University of Cambridge).

Session 3: Physiology, Neurobiology and Developmental Biology, including cardiac dynamics, cancer growth, wound healing, nerve propagation and pattern formation. Keynote speaker: H. Othmer (University of Utah, USA).

Session 4: Ecology and conservation including resource management and spatial ecology. Keynote speaker: S. W. Pacala (Princeton University, USA).

Session 5: Evolutionary biology including parasite-host coevolution and games theory and evolution, molecular biology and genetics. Keynote speaker: K. Sigmund (University of Vienna, Austria).

Organising Committee: R.W. Hiorns (Oxford - Chair), G.P. Garnett (Oxford), B.T. Grenfell (Cambridge), R.A. Kempton (Edinburgh), P.K. Maini (Oxford), G.F. Medley (Warwick), M.A. Nowak (Oxford), E.D. Renshaw (Strathclyde) and J. Swinton (Cambridge).

The papers presented at the conference will be published, subject to refereeing, in the IMA Journal of Mathematics Applied in Medicine and Biology.

Conference Fees

Fees (Prices include VAT at 17.5%) VAT Reg. No. 250 4466 77

To ensure admission all payments must be made before the Conference (unless otherwise arranged with the Conference Officer). Payment may be made by credit card or cheque, which must be in pounds sterling.

Conference fee (including coffee and tea on 10th, 11th and 12th July, 1996)

   Members         Non-Members     Students        Students

        (IMA/IBS)                       (IMA/IBS)       (Non-Members)

        106.00              169.00         64.00          98.00
Second and subsequent students from the same institution may attend at Student Member Rate.

Residential fee (including dinner, bed and breakfast at Keble College, Oxford for the nights of 10th and 11th July, 1996)

   En-Suite - 113.00  (add 42.00 (b&b) for night of 9th July)

        Standard -  92.00  (add 31.00 (b&b) for night of 9th July)

Late fees: Applications received later than 10th June, 1996 - 15.00; 1st July, 1996 - 25.00.

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