UK Nonlinear News, May 1996

The University of Michigan

Graduate Certificate in Complex Systems

The Program for the Study of Complex Systems (PSCS) and the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies are pleased to announce the inauguration of a graduate curriculum in complex systems.

This interdisciplinary curriculum, leading to a graduate certificate in complex systems, will introduce students to the ideas and methods used in the study of complex, nonlinear and adaptive systems. The specific aim of this curriculum is to allow students from different fields to integrate the rich paradigms and useful analytic and modeling techniques of complex systems into their own research.

The curriculum is designed to be accessible to students in a wide range of disciplines in the physical, biological and social sciences. We expect that many of the students enrolled in the certificate program will be simultaneously enrolled in a graduate degree program at the University, although inquiries from other students and scholars are also welcome.

Academic requirements for the graduate certificate in complex systems include course work in the following areas:

Students enrolled in the certificate curriculum will also be encouraged to participate in the research activities of the Program. PSCS is an interdisciplinary program which sponsors research groups and activities in a broad range of fields. Current research groups include those in bioeconomics, growth phenomena, nonlinear time series analysis, public choice, and epidemiology, among others.

Further information

Further information about the Program for the Study of Complex Systems can also be obtained at the PSCS home Page:

or by e-mail to
Requests for further information or application materials should be made to:

Katherine Milliken, Administrative Assistant (
Program for the Study of Complex Systems
2071 Randall Laboratory, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI 48109-1120
Telephone: (313) 763-3301
See also courses at: [Bath] [Edinburgh] [U.C.L.] [Michigan]

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