UK Nonlinear News, May 1996

University of Bath

MSc in Nonlinear Mathematics

The MSc in Nonlinear Mathematics is intended to bridge the gap between the usual British undergraduate programme and modern nonlinear theories in pure and applied mathematics and the sciences. The record suggests that our course fulfills this role for students with pure or applied mathematics as their initial specialisation. We have in mind that it might be regarded by some students as a conversion course.

It is essential for postgraduate students to work in a lively research environment with sufficient breadth of interest to stimulate individuals according to their talents. At the University of Bath, nonlinear mathematics is now highly developed over a broad front and capable of meeting the aspirations of even the most ambitious students. This MSc course is designed to fulfill two roles. One is to lay the foundations for PhD research into the modern mathematical theory of nonlinear phenomena and its applications. The other is to address a growing demand from industry and consultancy firms for sophisticated applied mathematicians.

Students attend taught courses assessed by examination, and undertake a supervised project assessed by dissertation. Arrangements are in place so that they may elect to carry out their project in a suitable industrial environment under joint supervision.

The course will be organised to accommodate part-time students, who may spend two years on it and conduct a project of particular relevance to their employment.

This course is supported by EPSRC studentships

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Dr. Mark Chaplain (
Mathematical Sciences,
University of Bath, Bath BA2 7AY, UK.
Telephone: 01225 826242, Facsimile: 01225 826492.

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