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  • Phil Holmes 60th birthday workshop.
    To celebrate his scientific achievements, a two-day workshop in his honour is to be held October 15-16 at the Centre de Recherches Mathématiques in Montréal.
    More information on this workshop will come later.
  • MSc in Space Technology and Planetary Exploration University of Surrey


  • Dr. Rainer Hollerbach has been appointed to a Readership in Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics at the University of Leeds.
  • Dr. Alexei Likhtman has been appointed to an Academic Fellowship at the University of Leeds.
  • Jonathan Bevan has been appointed to an Academic Fellowship at the University of Surrey. He was awarded MMath and DPhil degrees from Oxford and is currently an EPSRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Oxford. Jonathan's research interests are in the area of the calculus of variations with particular interest in polyconvex functions and the regularity properties of minimizers of a class of functionals which have applications to elasticity theory.
  • Vincent Naudot has been appointed as a postdoctoral researcher at the Mathematics institute, University of Warwick from May 1st 2005. He works with Vassili Gelfreich on the project "Asymptotic beyond all orders and Stokes phenomenon in bifurcation problems" ( Vincent graduated from Dijon University (France) in 1991 and got a PhD from the same University (under supervision of Robert ROUSSARIE) in 1996. Vincent spent 3 years at Kyoto University and the National Astronomical Observatory in Tokyo, Japan, and after that 4 years at the RUG-Groningen in the Netherlands. Vincent's interests include Dynamical systems, chaos, homoclinic bifurcation, strange attractors, normal form theory, KAM theory, algorithmic. He has also recently a keen interest in mathematical modelling in ecology.


  • Professor Polina Landa, Moscow State University, will be a Royal Society visiting research fellow at Lancaster University during 15 May - 13 August 2005. She will be working on the mathematical connections between stochastic resonance and vibrational resonance.
  • Geon Ho Choe, visiting scholar at Imperial College London. Author of "Computational Ergodic Theory" by Springer.


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