UK Nonlinear News, Issue 38

Though Jaroslav Stark and I remain as Editors, you will see that the names of those who actually do the work(!!) have now changed, from Mark Nelson and Cliburn Chan to Grant Lythe, Alastair Rucklidge and Rob Sturman. We will try to make sure that, to you, the customers, the change is seamless and the service undiminished. Equally, a time of change is one of opportunity, and we welcome your ideas and suggestions for improvement to add to some of our own for future development of UK Nonlinear News.

It is a great pleasure to have this opportunity to thank Mark and Cliburn for their unstinting work for UK Nonlinear News. In Mark's case it goes back to the very birth of the Newsletter, in 1997, and much credit for its development to its familiar form is due to him. In the early days my advice to him to spend less time on the job were stubbornly ignored, but Mark has survived and prospered and all of us have gained. Cliburn's association, though shorter, has been no less valuable or influential in its time. We wish both of them success and enjoyment in their new(ish) jobs and future careers.

Finally, the usefulness of UK Nonlinear News depends on you as suppliers of information as well as readers. Please continue to bombard us with your material and we will do our best to convey it widely and effectively.

John Brindley

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Issue Thirty nine: May 2005

Issue Thirty nine is scheduled for May 2005. Submission of news (new courses, meetings, conferences, new appointments, jobs, new research directions etc.), comments or articles about any aspect of nonlinearity in the UK are very welcome and should arrive by 6 May 2005.