UK Nonlinear News, May 2004

Two new postdoctoral fellows at Kent

Two new postdoctoral researchers have joined the applied mathematics group at Kent: Dr Steffen Krusch, working with Professor Paul Sutcliffe on the project "Classical & quantum behaviour of solitons," funded by the EPSRC; and Dr Vladimir Novikov, a Royal Society NATO/FCO Chevening research fellow working with Dr Andrew Hone on "Symmetries and coherent structures in non-evolutionary partial differential equations."

Source: Andy Hone.

Alice Yew Appointed at the University of Surrey

Alice Yew has been appointed to a Lectureship at the University of Surrey from 1st June 2004. She received her first degree from Oxford which was followed by an ScM and a PhD from Brown University. She then moved to an Assistant Professor position at Ohio State University.

Alice's research interests include applications of differential equations and stability analysis to nonlinear optics, fluid dynamics and neurobiology. She also has a keen interest in mathematical modelling of biochemical networks, cell physiology and neural systems.

Source: Philip J Aston.

Award: Roger Grimshaw awarded the ANZIAM Medal

Professor Roger Grimshaw, Director of the Centre for Nonlinear Mathematics and its Applications, Loughborough University, recently became the 5th recipient of the prestigious ANZIAM Medal for his services to applied mathematics. Professor Grimshaw has made an outstanding contribution to nonlinear mathematics in a career spanning 40 years. Further details of Professor Grimshaw's work may be found at:

Source: John Terry.

Award: Mark Groves awarded the Richard von Mises Prize

Dr Mark Groves of the department of mathematical sciences at Loughborough University has recently been awarded the Richard von Mises prize by the German Applied Mathematics Society (GAMM - Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik). Mark received the award on March 22 in Dreseden, which is awarded annually for outstanding original work by younger researchers. Further details of Dr Groves' work may be found at:

Source: John Terry.

Award: Bjorn Sandstede awarded a five-year Royal Society Wolfson Merit Award

Bjorn Sandstede, recently appointed to a Research Chair in Mathematics at Surrey, has been awarded a five-year Royal Society Wolfson Merit Award. The award includes 125K for a project on "Coherent structures: their interaction, dynamics and stability". The award takes effect on 1st June this year and coincides with the start of Bjorn's appointment as a Research Professor at Surrey.

Source: Tom Brides.

Award: Professor Ma Zhi-Ming awarded honorary doctorate by Loughborough University

The highly esteemed Chinese mathematician Professor Ma Zhi-Ming visite Loughborough in May to accept an honorary degree from the University.

The former president of the Chinese Mathematical Society and one of China's most eminent stochastic analysts was presented with the degree - an Honorary Doctor of Science on 10 May.

Professor Zhi-Ming is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a Fellow of the Third World Academy of Sciences and an Executive Committee member of the International Mathematical Union. In a research career spanning 20 years, he has published nearly 70 articles, invariably in top-class journals and has given over 50 invited presentations around the world.

He is currently Professor at the Chinese Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences within the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with visiting positions at the Bielefeld-Bochum Stochastic Research Centre in Germany, Northwestern University in the USA and the University of Warwick in the UK. He has organized a number of international conferences and was instrumental in ensuring that the International Congress of Mathematics was held in Beijing in 2002, a meeting which attracted more then 3,000 mathematicians from around the world.

Source: John Terry.

Obituary: Olga Ladyzhenskaya

SIAM News, Volume 37, Number 3, April 2004, pages 2-3.

New home page for Alwyn Scott

Alwyn Scott's new home page is: This page includes details of a new book of interest to the majority of the UK Nonlinear News readership: The Encyclopedia of Nonlinear Science (to be published in September 2004). (See also The Encyclopedia of Nonlinear Science).

Source: Alwyn Scott.

Complexity, public health issues, SARS, AIDS and ecosystem health

Dr Vivian Rambihar discussed the concept of complexity in health at a Conference on "Current Issues in Public Health" on May 2, 2004 in Toronto. He describe heart health promotion in general and in the South Asian community.

He mentioned the potential application of ideas from complexity and network science in AIDS, SARS, and other infectious diseases, referring to the work of Lord Robert May, President of the Royal Society, who spoke on this topic at the University of Toronto on April 29, 2004.

Sherryn Rambihar, a Schulich School of Medicine (London, Ontario) medical student also described an ecosystem perspective on heart health (with ecosystem health being part of the vision 2020 statement of the school), noting that chaos and complexity is the basic science for ecosystems and thus ecosystem health.

Source: V. Rambihar.

Head of Engineering Mathematics Department at Bristol

Alan Champneys will take over as Head of the Engineering Mathematics Department at Bristol from 1st Aug this year. He takes over from John Hogan who is standing down after a `double stint' of 6 years. John looks forward to spending even more time on research in nonlinear dynamics and related fields as well as continuing to head the Applied Nonlinear Mathematics research group.

Source Alan Champneys.

Loughborough University awarded a Leverhulme Academic Network Grant

The Leverhulme Trust recently announced an award of £78,600 for the formation of an academic Network in the area of Theoretical Neuroscience to be based at Loughborough University. The Network will be coordinated by Dr John Terry of the department of mathematical sciences. The Network brings together 12 institutions located in the UK, Europe and Asia and will focus on the development and applications of nonlinear dynamics applied to neural systems. A three day workshop on the subject will be held at Loughborough University from September 17-19 where Professor David Terman (Ohio State) will be a plenary speaker. Further information about the Network may be found at : Parties interested in attending the workshop are advised to contact Dr Terry.

Source: John Terry.

Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference "Symmetry in Nonlinear Mathematical Physics

The proceedings of the Fifth International Conference "Symmetry in Nonlinear Mathematical Physics" (Kiev, 2003) are now available for free at the conference web-page:

Source: Alexander Zhalij.

Software: MathRevolt announces Infinity 1.2.6

Innovative non-linear math software suite released February, 23 2004.

February, 23 2004 MathRevolt announced version 1.2.6 of its ground breaking math software package that allows solving non-trivial math analysis tasks. Infinity is advanced math modelling application that enables anyone who can express his task in language of equations analyze probable range of solutions real fast and easy. Thanks to innovative technology utilised in this software, it is capable of extremely precise calculations. This feature is crucial not only for scientific calculations but also for applied math modelling in business and engineering.

Infinity is intended for broad range of computer users who possess basic math knowledge and would like to solve complex math analysis tasks on a PC. The application suits perfect for serious scientific calculations where it beats any competing product both as to precision and speed of operation. On the other hand Infinity can be used in financial planning, exchange rates and stock market prediction, expected revenue evaluation etc. Ease of use and strong visualisation module allow for on-the-fly task conditions altering and math model updating.

About MathRevolt
Founded in 1998, MathRevolt specialises in developing scientific software applications and applied math solutions for corporate market. The company unites IT-specialists, scientists and software engineers dedicated to bringing latest technology advancements to the mass market. Besides developing applications, MathRevolt provides consulting services and product training.

For more information, contact MathRevolt at:
Corporate web site:
Product web site:

Source: Julia Rowe.

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