UK Nonlinear News, May 2004

Pattern Formation and Nonlinear Dynamics (PANDA)

University of Leeds, 14 May 2004

By Alastair Rucklidge

A one-day meeting on pattern formation and nonlinear dynamics was held on Friday 14th May 2004 in the Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Leeds. The theme of the meeting was `Dynamics in Mathematical Biology'. The LMS-funded PANDA network links Surrey, Cambridge, Leeds and Nottingham. This was the first meeting of the year: the next one will be help in Guildford on Thursday 8th July.

Sixteen people participated in the meeting. There were two review lectures by Carmen Molina-Paris (Leeds), who spoke on `Mathematical model of T-cell activation', and Stephen Coombes (Nottingham), who discussed `Patterns, bumps and waves in neural field theories'. Following these, there were two shorter research talks: Christophe Girardet (Oxford) spoke on `A strong reaction - small diffusion system with environmental effects', and Jennifer Siggers (Nottingham) presented her work on `Flows in curved pipes'.

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