UK Nonlinear News, May 2004

First Meeting of the LMS Scheme 3 Mathematics in Medicine and Biology

Loughborough University, 18 February 2004

By John Terry

The inaugural meeting of the LMS Scheme 3 Grant: Mathematics in Medicine and Biology was held at Loughborough University on February 18. The theme of the meeting was modelling of neural systems and the meeting was fortunate to have 4 internationally renowned scientists presenting their work. Professor Karl Friston (UCL) spoke on Hierarchical Dynamics Models, Professor Jim Horne (Loughborough) spoke on the Dynamics of Sleep, Professor John Taylor (KCL) spoke on control theory and consciousness and Professor David Willshaw (Edinburgh) spoke on modelling of the nervous system. The meeting was well attended with over 30 participants.

The next meeting in the series is to be held at the University of Warwick, on June 28th 2004, where the speakers will be Professor Philip Maini (Oxford), Dr Markus Owen (Loughborough), Dr Andrew Yates (Institute of Child Health) and Dr Ingeborg van Leeuwen (Free University of Amsterdam). Further information regarding the Joint Research Group may be found at :

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