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Postdoctoral Position

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Dynamical Systems and Numerical Analysis

New Zealand Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

The NZIMA is holding a thematic programme on "Dynamical Systems and Numerical Analysis" at the University of Auckland during July-December 2004. As part of the programme a postdoctoral fellowship is available for a two year term (including the special semester). Depending on their research interests, applicants may work at the University of Auckland (supervisor Vivien Kirk; symmetry and bifurcations), Waikato University (Rua Murray; stochastic dynamics); Massey University (Robert McLachlan; geometric integration); or Victoria University (Mark McGuinness; dynamical systems models).

Applicants should possess a PhD in dynamical systems, numerical analysis, or a related area, and apply by 1 December 2003 to: Professor Robert McLachlan, IFS, Massey University, Private Bag 11-222, Palmerston North, New Zealand, including a CV, a research proposal, and the contact details of 3 referees. The salary is NZ$50,000 p.a. The start date is flexible, but we anticipate that the successful applicant will start by July 1st, 2004.

General information about the NZIMA programme is available at

Note: Due to delays with this issue of UK Nonlinear News, applications will be accepted until December 12.

Source: Rua Murray (

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Nonlinear Kinetics

School of Chemistry, University of Leeds

A three-year position is available for a period of 3 years on or after 1st December 2003 on an EPSRC Adventure Fund grant in the Nonlinear Kinetics group at Leeds. The project is a collaborative programme with polymer scientists at the University of Sheffield. The Fellow will be required to undertake full time research in the area of nonlinear chemical kinetics to produce clock and oscillatory responses in pH from biocompatible reactions under the joint supervision of Professor S.K. Scott and Dr A.F. Taylor in the School of Chemistry. The Fellow will have weekly meeting with the project supervisors and provide brief written reports on the progress of the research on a monthly basis for review meetings at which the direction of the research will be reviewed and planned. The Fellow will prepare draft written papers for subsequent submission as papers to research journals and will prepare annual reports on the research in advance of the anniversary of the appointment date. The Fellow may be required to present the research findings at national and international conferences. The Fellow will be expected to discuss the research with colleagues and possibly to undertake periods of research at Sheffield.

Salary scale: RA1A 18,265 27,339 p.a.)

Informal enquiries can be made to Professor Scott ( or Dr Taylor (

Closing date: 28th November 2003

Person Specification


Postdoctoral Position: Multiscale Biological Modelling

Department of Mathematics and Center for the Study of Biocomplexity Universities of Notre Dame

We seek Postdoctoral Fellow to participate in an NSF funded collaborative project between research groups at University of Notre Dame, Indiana University, Bloomington, the University of Missouri, New York Medical College and Emory University on developing a multiscale (genetic, cellular and supercellular) understanding of complex organ formation, focusing on avian limb development as a model for general organogenesis.

The project has experimental computational and theoretical components. The theoretical/computational goal is to develop an integrated multiscale simulation of limb development based on the recently obtained reaction-diffusion system coupled with the Cellular Potts Model (CPM). Our objective is to integrate additional cell level processes (formation of extracellular matrix, haptotaxis and cell anisotropy) and subcellular descriptions (gene expression and regulation, modelling of cell signalling, cytoskeletal properties) to produce a flexible net-distributed package that can be customised to model other embryonic organogenesis. Experimental goals include quantitative studies of cell adhesion molecule distributions, measurements of cell mechanical properties (surface tensions and viscosities), chemotactic secretion and response, tracking of gene expression and production of cell adhesion molecules ECM production during limb formation.

The applicant should have a strong background in modelling and analysis of pattern formation in biology and physics and should have extensive experience in computer simulation of complex systems. Ph.D.'s in Mathematical or Theoretical Biology, Applied Mathematics, Physics or Computer Science will all be considered.

Initial appointments will be for 1 year. Applicants should be available to begin the position no later than February 15th, 2004, but can begin immediately.

All applicants should send a statement of qualifications, curriculum vitae, and three letters of reference to Professor Mark Alber:


Professor Mark Alber
Director, The Center for the Study of
Biocomplexity Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
255 Hurley Building
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame,
Indiana 46556-4618

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Source: Professor Mark Alber

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