UK Nonlinear News, May November

Patterns, Nonlinear Dynamics and Applications

University of Nottingham, 23 October 2003

By Paul Matthews

The most recent PANDA meeting was held at Nottingham on 23rd October 2003. There were over 20 participants and the talks were as follows: Paul Matthews (Nottingham) "Computational methods for PDEs and symmetry-breaking"; Laurette Tuckerman (LIMSI-CNRS) "Bifurcation analysis for timesteppers"; Isabel Irurzun (Buenos Aires / Cambridge) "Modelling spatiotemporal patterns in CO+O2 on Pt{100}"; Dwight Barkley (Warwick) "Patterns of turbulence"; David Lloyd (Bristol) "Numerical continuation of localized solutions of higher dimensional nonlinear pdes"; Paul Wheeler (Warwick) "Computation of spiral waves and their spectra". The organisers are grateful to the LMS for financial support.

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