UK Nonlinear News, November 2003

LMS Workshop on Nonlinear Dynamics and Life Sciences

University of Southampton, 25-26 October 2003

By John Terry

This workshop followed the LMS Regional Meeting and was expertly organized and hosted by David Chillingworth. The speakers congregating in Southampton came from as far afield as Osaka in the East, Montana in the West, Rio de Janeiro in the South and Loughborough (!) in the North. An excellent variety of talks were given focusing on theoretical, experimental and computational techniques in the life sciences, with particular emphasis on the field of neuroscience. In keeping with the near 140 year history of the London Mathematical Society, it was particularly pleasing to witness the dying art of `chalk and talk' on the Saturday afternoon. All of the talks served to highlight the great contribution mathematics can make in understanding fundamental biological phenomena and they stimulated a good deal of discussion during the course of the weekend.

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