UK Nonlinear News, November 2003

LMS Workshop on Nonlinear Dynamics and Life Sciences

University of Southampton, 25-26 October 2003

By David Chillingworth

The London Mathematical Society South West and South Wales Regional Meeting took place at the University of Southampton on 24 October, with the theme of Nonlinear Dynamics. The speakers were Marcelo Viana (IMPA) and Philip Holmes (Princeton).

The meeting was followed by a weekend workshop on Nonlinear Dynamics and Life Sciences, at which the speakers were Roman Borisyuk (Plymouth), Pietro-Luciano Buono (CRM, Montreal), Tsuyoshi Chawanya (Osaka), Tomas Gedeon (Montana), Philip Holmes (Princeton), Tim Lewis (NYU), Stefano Luzzatto (Imperial), David Rand (Warwick), Ian Stewart (Warwick), John Terry (Loughborough), Marcelo Viana (IMPA). Judging by the conversations that had to be broken up at the end of each coffee-break, the meeting seemed to go well. It was particularly pleasing that 10 research students participated, coming from all parts of the UK. The whole event was generously supported by the LMS.

A fuller report will appear in the Newsletter of the LMS in due course.

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