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New from Birkhauser

Nonlinear Control of Engineering Systems

W.E. Dixon, A. Behal, D.M. Dawson and S.P. Nagarkatti

Recent advancements in Lyapunov-based design and analysis techniques have applications to a broad class of engineering systems, including mechanical, electrical, robotic, aerospace, and underactuated systems. This book provides a practical yet rigorous development of nonlinear, Lyapunov-based tools and their use in the solution of control-theoretic problems. Rich in motivating examples and new design techniques, the text balances theoretical foundations and real-world implementation.

Features include:

Intended for readers who have some knowledge of undergraduate systems theory, the book includes a wide range of applications making it suitable for an extensive audience. Graduate students and researchers in control systems, robotics, and applied mathematics, as well as professional engineers will appreciate the work's combination of theoretical underpinnings and current and emerging engineering applications.

416 pages, 104 illustrations, hardcover
ISBN: 0-8176-4265-X, published 2003.

Stability and Control of Dynamical Systems with Applications: A Tribute to Anthony N. Michel

D. Liu and Panos J. Antsaklis (editors)

The twenty-one invited chapters in this book are an outgrowth of a workshop to honour Anthony N. Michel on the occasion of his retirement. The workshop provided a venue for researchers, colleagues, friends, and students to pay tribute to Michel's significant contributions to the systems and control community; at the same time, the workshop also served as a forum to explore topics and applications related to the stability and control of dynamical systems.

Michel has been a pioneer in many research fields, including large-scale dynamical systems, nonlinear systems stability analysis, recurrent neural networks, and more recently, qualitative analysis of hybrid and discontinuous dynamical systems. His work is characterised both by great depth, as exemplified by his contributions to stability theory of dynamical systems, and by great breadth, as demonstrated by the wide range of problems he has addressed.

The chapters are thematically organised into three main areas related to Michel's work. Part 1 contains seven chapters examining issues in stability analysis of dynamical systems; Part 2 includes six chapters dealing with artificial neural networks and signal processing; Part 3 contains eight chapters treating power systems and control systems.

Featuring a balance of theory and real-world, industrial applications, the book will be a valuable reference text for graduate students, researchers, and practitioners in the above-mentioned fields.

480 pages, 51 illustrations, hardcover
ISBN: 0-8176-3233-6, published 2003

New from Cambridge University Press

Graph Directed Markov Systems

D. Maudlin and M. Urbanski

This far-reaching generalization of the theory of conformal iterated systems can be applied in many situations, including the theory of dynamical systems. Includes much of the necessary background material and an extensive list of references suggesting further reading.

Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics 148

New from Springer

Bifurcation Control: Theory and Applications

G. Chen, D.J. Hill and X. Yu (editors)

Bifurcation Control refers to the task of designing a controller that can modify the bifurcation properties of a given nonlinear system, so as to achieve some desirable dynamical behaviours. There exists no similar control theory-oriented book available in the market that is devoted to the subject of bifurcation control, written by control engineers for control engineers. World-renowned leading experts in the field provide their state-of-the-art survey about the extensive research that has been done over the last few years in this subject. The book is not only aimed at active researchers in the field of bifurcation control and its applications, but also at a general audience in related fields.

Contents: Bifurcations in Control, Power, Electronics and Mechanical Systems.- Controlling Bifurcations.- Control via Bifurcation Monitoring.- Applications.

Series: Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences. Volume 293.

2003 Approximately 320 pages. Softcover

Chaos-Based Digital Communication Systems

F.C.M. Lau and C.K. Tse

The past decade has seen heightened interest in the exploitation of chaos for useful applications in engineering systems. One application area that has attracted a great deal of attention is communications because of the potential benefits that can be gained from using chaos for communications, including robustness in multipath environments, ease of spectrum spreading, added security, etc. This book focuses on important aspects of the system operation, analysis, and performance evaluation of selected chaos-based digital communications systems. It will interest researchers, professors, graduate students, technology developers and R&D engineers who are working in the area of communication engineering. Researchers new to the field will quickly become acquainted with the necessary analytical techniques for studying chaos-based digital communication systems, while experienced researchers will find the many benchmark results useful for reference and further study.

Keywords: Chaos, Communications, Spread Spectrum, bit-error performance, analysis methods.

Series: Signals and Communication Technology.

2003 XII, 228 pages 93 illustrations Hardcover.

Chaos Control: Theory and Applications

G. Chen and X. Yu (editors)

Chaos control refers to purposefully manipulating chaotic dynamical behaviours of some complex nonlinear systems. There exists no similar control theory-oriented book available in the market that is devoted to the subject of chaos control, written by control engineers for control engineers. World-renowned leading experts in the field provide their state-of-the-art survey about the extensive research that has been done over the last few years in this subject. The new technology of chaos control has major impact on novel engineering applications such as telecommunications, power systems, liquid mixing, internet technology, high-performance circuits and devices, biological systems modelling like the brain and the heart, and decision making. The book is not only aimed at active researchers in the field of chaos control involving control and systems engineers, theoretical and experimental physicists, and applied mathematicians, but also at a general audience in related fields.

Keywords: Chaos Control, Chaos Synchronisation, Chaos Anti-Control.

2003 X, 371 p. 151 illustrations Softcover

Essential Mathematical Biology

Britton, N. F.

Essential Mathematical Biology is a self-contained introduction to the fast-growing field of mathematical biology. Written for students with a mathematical background, it sets the subject in its historical context and then guides the reader towards questions of current research interest, providing a comprehensive overview of the field and a solid foundation for interdisciplinary research in the biological sciences.

A broad range of topics is covered including: Population dynamics, Infectious diseases, Population genetics and evolution, Dispersal, Molecular and cellular biology, Pattern formation, and Cancer modelling.

This book will appeal to 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students studying mathematical biology. A background in calculus and differential equations is assumed, although the main results required are collected in the appendices. A dedicated website at accompanies the book and provides further exercises, more detailed solutions to exercises in the book, and links to other useful sites.

Keywords: Cancer modelling, Mathematical biology, Mathematical modelling, Molecular and cellular biology, Pattern formation, Population dynamics, Population genetics and evolution

2003 XV, 335 p. 92 illus. Softcover 
Recommended Retail Price: EUR 29.95 *

New from World Scientific

Nonlinear Dynamics: From Butterflies to Lasers

Selected Lectures from the 15th Canberra International Physics Summer School Australian National University 21 January - 1 February 2002

edited by R Ball & N Akhmediev

This book is an inspirational introduction to modern research directions and scholarship in nonlinear dynamics, and will also be a valuable reference for researchers in the field. With the scholarly level aimed at the beginning graduate student, the book will have broad appeal to those with an undergraduate background in mathematical or physical sciences. In addition to pedagogical and new material, each chapter reviews the current state of the area and discusses classic and open problems in engaging, surprisingly non-technical ways. The contributors are Brian Davies (bifurcations in maps), Nalini Joshi (integrable systems and asymptotics), Alan Newell (wave turbulence and pattern formation), Mark Ablowitz (nonlinear waves), Carl Weiss (spatial solitons), Cathy Holmes (Hamiltonian systems), Tony Roberts (dissipative fluid mechanics), Jorgen Frederiksen (two-dimensional turbulence), and Mike Lieberman (Fermi acceleration).


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