UK Nonlinear News, August 2003

Workshop on the Structure and Stability of Interfacial Waves

Centre for Nonlinear Mathematics and Applications, Loughborough University, 15-16th May 2003

By Roger Grimshaw

The aim of this workshop was to review what is known about the structure and stability of nonlinear interfacial waves, and to chart the way forward in the immediate future. As well as being of fundamental interest, interfacial waves are an important and commonly occurring feature in the world's oceans, and arise naturally in several other physical contexts. The workshop attracted 25-30 participants from the UK and Europe. The sessions were lively and productive, and the principal workshop aim of elucidating what is known, and what are the immediate research objectives, in determining the structure and stability of interfacial waves was achieved. As well as covering the main focus of the workshop, the talks also covered such important ancillary aspects as generation processes, dissipative mechanisms, and the role of shear flows. There were 20 talks in total, including the 6 invited speakers, Professor John Grue (University of Oslo), Professor Gerard Iooss (INLN, University of Nice), Professor Frederic Dias (ENS-Cachan, Paris), Professor Jean-Marc Vanden-Broeck (University of East Anglia) and Professor Tom Bridges (University of Surrey)

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