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Dynamical Systems

Dynamical Systems: An International Journal is published four times a year in print and electronic editions by Taylor and Francis, and is currently in its 18th volume.

The primary goal of Dynamical Systems: An International Journal (founded as Dynamics and Stability of Systems) is to act as a forum for communication across all branches of modern dynamical systems, and especially to facilitate interaction between theory and applications. This journal aims to publish high quality research articles in the theory and applications of dynamical systems, especially but not exclusively nonlinear systems. Advances in the following topics will be addressed by the journal:

There is no formal page limit and longer manuscripts will be considered; however we intend to offer fast refereeing to short papers (of 5000 words or less than 8 pages in final form).

As the remit of the journal is fairly wide, authors are requested to write an introduction that enables a wide audience to understand the context and motivation of the results in their article. The articles should present a major advancement either in theory or applications of dynamics; articles that are minor improvements of previously published results will not be considered.

High quality papers describing the application of the modern theory of dynamics to practical problems in other disciplines and reports of experiments or numerical simulations are also welcome, as long as they clearly illustrate important theoretical issues, or highlight deficiencies in the theoretical development of dynamical systems. Contributions of a purely theoretical nature are likewise encouraged, provided that their relevance to applications is clearly described. The journal is particularly keen to attract a number of shorter papers (up to about 5000 words or 8 pages) and these will be dealt with under an accelerated refereeing and publication procedure. The journal also publishes occasional review articles. In all cases, authors are reminded to pay particular attention to the accessibility of their paper to a broad interdisciplinary audience.

The current impact factor is 0.737.

Editorial board
Claude Baesens University of Warwick, UK
Luis Barreira IST Lisbon, Portugal
Anthony Bloch Michigan, USA
Tom Bridges University of Surrey, UK
Hans Crauel Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany
Michael Dellnitz University of Paderborn, Germany
Freddy Dumortier Limburg, Belgium
Bernold Fiedler Free University of Berlin, Germany
Giovanni Gallavotti Universita di Roma 1, Italy
Paul Glendinning UMIST, UK
Brian Hunt University of Maryland, USA
William Langford University of Guelph, Canada
Jerrold Marsden California Institute of Technology, USA
Ian Melbourne University of Surrey, UK
Arnd Scheel Minnesota, USA
Colin Sparrow University of Warwick, UK
Jaroslav Stark Imperial College, London, UK
Ian Stewart University of Warwick, UK
Peter Walters University of Warwick, UK
Marcelo Viana IMPA, Brasil

Peter Ashwin University of Exeter, UK
Matthew Nicol University of Surrey, UK

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Journal: New web page for Journal of Regular and Chaotic Dynamics

The homepage of the Journal of Regular and Chaotic Dynamics has changed to .
The website also hosts an internet bookshop with a rich collection of Russian books in nonlinear dynamics.

Source: Hristo Linkov.

Table of Contents: Nonlinearity Volume 16(3), May 2003

All articles are free for 30 days after publication on the web. This issue is available at

Nonlinearity, 16(3), May 2003
Invited Article
R1The second Painlevé equation, its hierarchy and associated special polynomials
P.A. Clarkson and E.L. Mansfield
785 The dynamical behaviour of type-K competitive Kolmogorov systems and its applica tion to three-dimensional type-K competitive Lotka--Volterra systems
X. Liang and J. Jiang
803 Visible parts and dimensions
E. Järvenpää, M. Järvenpää, P. MacManus and T.C. O'Neil
819 Random Burgers equation and Lagrangian systems in non-compact domains
V.H. Hoang and K. Khanin
843 Instantaneous extinction, step discontinuities and blow-up
B.H. Gilding and R. Kersner
855 On the time function of the Dulac map for families of meromorphic vector fields
P. Mardesic, D. Marín and J. Villadelprat
883 A universal law of logarithm of the recurrence time
G.H. Choe
897 Critical saddle-node horseshoes: bifurcations and entropy
L.J. Díaz and I.L. Rios
929 Geometric theory for multi-bump, self-similar, blowup solutions of the cubic non linear Schrödinger equation
V. Rottschäfer and T.J. Kaper
963 The exact Hausdorff dimension functions of some Cantor sets
L. Olsen
971 Permutations and topological entropy for interval maps
M. Misiurewicz
977 Random iteration of Euclidean isometries
M. {\AA}dahl, I. Melbourne and M. Nicol
989 On König's root-finding algorithms
X. Buff and C. Henriksen
1017 Hitting and returning to non-rare events in mixing dynamical systems
J-R Chazottes
1035 Symbolic dynamics and periodic orbits of the Lorenz attractor
D. Viswanath
1057 The global dynamics of isothermal chemical systems with critical nonlinearity
Y. Li and Y.W. Qi
1075 Free energy minimizers for a two-species model with segregation and liquid--vapo ur transition
E.A. Carlen, M.C. Carvalho, R. Esposito, J.L. Lebowitz and R. Marra
1107 Random iteration of isometries in unbounded metric spaces
A. Ambroladze and M. {\AA}dahl
1119 The second grade fluid and averaged Euler equations with Navier-slip boundary conditions
A.V. Busuioc and T.S. Ratiu
1151 Estimate of the number of zeros of Abelian integrals for an elliptic Hamiltonian with figure-of-eight loop
C. Liu
1165 Nonlinear scalar model of a suspension bridge: existence of multiple periodic solutions
P. Drábek and P. Necesal
1185 On the uniqueness and nonexistence of limit cycles for predator--prey systems
D. Xiao and Z. Zhang

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