UK Nonlinear News, May 2003

Pattern Formation and Nonlinear Dynamics (PANDA)

University of Surrey, 10th March 2003

By Rebecca Hoyle

A one-day meeting on patterns and nonlinear dynamics was held on Monday 10th March 2003 in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Surrey. The LMS-funded PANDA network links Surrey, Cambridge, Leeds and Nottingham. This was the first meeting of the year - three more are planned, one in each of the remaining PANDA cities.

Thirty people attended the meeting, which was unusually international in flavour. There were two review lectures by Mary Silber (Northwestern) and Alan Champneys (Bristol). Mary spoke on "Pattern Selection, Pattern Control" describing how to select a desired quasipattern in the Faraday experiment by tuning the forcing, and how to stabilise Benjamin-Feir unstable waves using feedback involving spatial and temporal delays. Alan described "Localised phenomena, kinks, pulses and multipulses", categorising them into five distinct problem types, numbered 3a to 5* in the currently approved manner. Doubtless Alan will shortly be permitted only the last two problems, though perhaps he will be allowed to invent a 6* type. After lunch we heard four shorter research talks by Faridon Amdjadi (Glasgow Caledonian), Katarzyna Boronska (LIMSI, France), Jennifer Siggers (Nottingham) and Andrew Török (Houston), covering chaotic reversing waves, cylindrical convection and hallucination patterns.

Further details of the programme can be found at

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