UK Nonlinear News, May 2003

Workshop Modern Trends in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

23-24 April 2003, University College London

By Gert van der Heijden

On 23 and 24 April 2003 an EPSRC-supported two-day workshop was held in UCL's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering to mark the retirement of Michael Thompson after 38 years at UCL. In a busy programme, 21 speakers, a mixture of established international experts and younger researchers, presented their latest results and gave their views on the future of research in their respective fields of activity. The 30-minute talks were complemented by poster presentations during coffee/tea breaks. The first day was concluded with a dinner in UCL's Old Refectory.

The speakers were invited from 5 areas of mechanics related to Michael's varied research interests: (i) stability of structures, (ii) nonlinear dynamics of engineering structures, (iii) dynamics of non-smooth systems, (iv) ship capsize, breaking waves, and escape from potential wells, and (v) rod mechanics. The full programme can be seen at Unfortunately, Ali Nayfeh (Virginia) could not make it to the meeting due to a flight cancellation.

With a total of about 75 people participating, the meeting was considered to be a great success; a sure reflection of the influence and importance of Michael's contributions to mechanics research over the years. We all wish him well in the future.

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