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Update: Journal of Difference Equations and Applications (JDEA)

The Journal of Difference Equations and Applications (JDEA), published monthly by Taylor and Francis, is now in its 9th year. The editors in chief are Saber Elaydi and Gerry Ladas. Two new editors have been added to the editorial board:

Robert Sacker and Timothy Sauer of George Mason University will be the editors of a new section of the Journal that will be called "Short Notes." 

The JDEA's new editor, James Yorke, has been awarded (with Benoit Mandelbrot) the 2003 Japan prize by the Science and Technology Foundation of Japan. Yorke was named a winner for his seminal work in the field of chaos theory. See News.

The 8th International Conference on Difference Equations will be held in Brno, Czech Republic on July 28 - August 1, 2003. For more information, go to Special issues of the JDEA are dedicated to A. Sharkovsky and George Sell on the occasion of their 65th birthdays.

Call for Papers: Special Issue of Notices of Universities. South of Russia. Natural sciences.

The second special issue of journal "Izvestiya VUZov. Severo-Kavkazskii region. Seriia Estestvennye nauki. (Notices of Universities. South of Russia. Natural sciences). Nonlinear Problems of Continuum Mechanics" is devoted to the actual problem of the nonlinear elasticity, viscoelasticity, and plasticity, the shell theory, hydromechanics of non-newtonian liquids, the phase transformations modelling, and others fields of nonlinear mechanics.

The journal publishes original papers in all areas of nonlinear mechanics. High quality overviews and the discussion of perspectives in nonlinear mechanics are considered as well.
The languages of publication are English and Russian.

The first special international issue of journal Notices of North Caucause: Natural Sciences" on Nonlinear problems of mechanics (2001) demonstrated great interest in the edition in Russia and abroad so the editorial board considers a possibility of further regular publications.

The edition is reviewed by Mathematical Reviews.

Deadline for the electronic presentation of the paper is April 15, 2003.

The submitted version of paper should be submitted in LaTeX2e using the style file npcm.sty (see sample.tex as an example).

The contenst of previous special issue may be found here.

Editorial board for the issue:


Leonid M. Zubov,
Department of Mechanics and Mathematics
Rostov State University

Secretary of and member of the editorial board Victor A. Eremeyev
Department of Mechanics and Mathematics
Rostov State University


Members of editorial board:

V.A. Babeshko (Krasnodar, Kuban St. Univ., Fellow of Academy of Sciences of RF),
R.Batra (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, USA),
A.V. Belokon (Rostov St. Univ.),
E.Croitoro (University of Victoria, Canada),
C. Constanda (University of Tulsa, USA),
G.M.L. Gladwell (University of Waterloo, Canada),
R.Lakes (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA),
L.P. Lebedev (Rostov St. Univ.; Bogota, Univ. Nacional de Colombia),
N.F. Morozov (St. Petersburg St. Univ., Fellow of Academy of Sciences of RF),
R.W. Ogden (University of Glasgow, UK),
W. Pietraszkiewicz (Fluid-Flow Machinery Institute, Gdansk, Poland),
H. Pleiner (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany),
J.G. Simmonds (University of Virginia, USA),
C.Teodosiu (Université Paris XIII, France),
V.I. Yudovich
(Rostov St. Univ.)

Тел./Fax: +7 (8632) 245278

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Table of Contents: Nonlinearity Volume 16(1), January 2003

All articles are free for 30 days after publication on the web. 

Nonlinearity, 16(1), January 2003


1 Robust homoclinic cycles in R4
Jeffrey L Rogers, Werner Pesch and Michael F Schatz
25 Avalanche dynamics in the Bak-Sneppen evolution model observed with a standard distribution width of fitness
Nicola Sottocornola
35 Almost periodic solutions to Josephson's equation
J-M Belley and K Saadi Drissi
49 A diffuse interface approach to Hele-Shaw flow
Karl Glasner
67 Persistence of relative equilibria in Hamiltonian systems with non-compact symmetry
Claudia Wulff
93 Remarks on the period three cycles of quadratic rational maps
Selim Berker, Adam L Epstein and Kevin M Pilgrim
101 A numerical study of the Schrödinger-Newton equations
R Harrison, I Moroz and K P Tod
123 Polynomial approximations of symplectic dynamics and richness of chaos in non-hyperbolic area-preserving maps
Dmitry Turaev
137 Local 4/5-law and energy dissipation anomaly in turbulence
Gregory L Eyink
147 On exponentially attracting invariant manifolds of ODEs
L B Ryashko and E E Shnol
161 The local topological complexity of Cr-diffeomorphisms with homoclinic tangency
Brian F Martensen
187 Hausdorff dimension of subsets of Moran fractals with prescribed group frequency of their codings
Wenxia Li and F M Dekking
201 On stability of the origin in quadratic systems of ODEs via Markus approach
M Mencinger
219 A Carleson type theorem for a Cantor group model of the scattering transform
Camil Muscalu, Terence Tao and Christoph Thiele
247 Porosity, σ-porosity and measures
M E Mera, M Morán, D Preiss, L Zajícek
257 Loop groups and discrete KdV equations
Jeremy Schiff
277 The simplest normal form of Hopf bifurcation
P Yu and A Y T Leung
301 Attractors of generic diffeomorphisms are persistent
Flavio Abdenur
313 Travelling fronts in a piecewise-linear bistable system
R Bakanas
327An asymptotic solution slowly crossing the separatrix near a saddle-centre bifurcation point
O M Kiselev and S G Glebov
363Quasi-linear Stokes phenomenon for the second Painlevé transcendent
A R Its and A A Kapaev
387Multicomponent dynamical systems: SRB measures and phase transitions
Michael Blank and Leonid Bunimovich

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Table of Contents: Nonlinearity Volume 16(2), March 2003

All articles are free for 30 days after publication on the web.

Nonlinearity, 16(2), March 2003
403 Uniqueness in g-measures
Örjan Stenflo
411 Bilinearization of N = 1 supersymmetric modified KdV equations
Sasanka Ghosh, Debojit Sarma
419 Gibbs measures at temperature zero
Julien Brémont
427 Existence and uniqueness of tri-tronquée solutions of the second Painlevé hierarchy
N Joshi, M Mazzocco
441 Capacity of invariant measures related to Poisson-driven stochastic differential equations
Józef Myjak and Tomasz Szarek
457 The space of initial conditions for linearizable mappings
T Takenawa, M Eguchi, B Grammaticos, Y Ohta, A Ramani and J Satsuma
479 The quasi-geostrophic equation in the Triebel-Lizorkin spaces
Dongho Chae
497 Focusing revisited: a renormalization/bifurcation approach
C I Siettos, I G Kevrekidis and P G Kevrekidis
507 An example of a minimal torus of weak mixing for nearly integrable Hamiltonian systems
Tongren Ding
521 Geometric and statistical properties induced by separatrix crossings in volume-preserving systems
Anatoly Neishtadt, Carles Simó, Alexei Vasiliev
559 Some exceptional sets in Engel expansions
Yan-Yan Liu and Jun Wu
567 Stability of mixing rates for Axiom A attractors
Mark Pollicott
579 The effect of the domain topology on the number of minimal nodal solutions of an elliptic equation at critical growth in a symmetric domain
Alfonso Castro and Mónica Clapp
591 Orbits homoclinic to centre manifolds of conservative PDEs
Jalal Shatah and Chongchun Zeng
615 Reducible actions of D4×T2: superlattice patterns and hidden symmetries
J.H.P. Dawes, P.C. Matthews, & A.M. Rucklidge
647 Criticality of plane arcs
Li-Feng Xi
661 Billingsley dimension on shift spaces
C-E Pfister and W G Sullivan
683 Discrete Lagrangian systems on the Virasoro group and Camassa-Holm family
A V Penskoi, A P Veselov
689 Hamiltonian systems with widely separated frequencies
J M Tuwankotta, F Verhulst
707 Parameter dependence of homoclinic solutions in a single long Josephson junction
J B van den Berg, S A van Gils and T P P Visser
719 On the global solution and interface behaviour of viscous compressible real flow with free boundaries
Dehua Wang
735 Travelling waves for a coupled, singular reaction-diffusion system arising from a model of fractional order autocatalysis with decay: I. Permanent form travelling waves
A L Kay, D J Needham and J A Leach
771 Inverse scattering transform for the KPI equation on the background of a one-line soliton
A S Fokas and A K Pogrebkov

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