UK Nonlinear News, March 2003

Neurodynamics meeting

3 March 2003

Department of Mathematical Sciences, Loughborough University

The next meeting in the East Midlands Mathematical Physics seminar series will be on Monday March 3rd at Loughborough University. The focus of the meeting will be on the nonlinear dynamics of neural systems. The talks in this meeting will range over current issues in mathematical neuroscience extending from the level of a single neuron up to large scale cortical networks. PhD students are especially welcome.


1:00pm Jim Hindmarsh (Cardiff)

A brief history of a qualitative model for neuronal firing and bursting

2:00pm Boris Gutkin (UCL)

A theory of spike generation dynamics in cortical neurons

3:30pm Steve Coombes (Loughborough)

Modelling thalamic relay networks

4:30pm Roman Borisyuk (Plymouth)

Oscillatory neural model of cognitive functions


All talks will be in the Sir David Davies Building at Loughborough University. This is building W at the western end of campus and contains the Department of Mathematical Sciences and the Physics Department. All talks will be in room W0.02. Refreshments will be served in room W1.90 (off the main foyer of the Department of Mathematical Sciences).

For more information please go to

Source: Steve Coombes

Four studies in Mathematical Biology

10 March 2003

University College London

A joint Mathematics Department & CoMPLEX meeting

2.00-5.30pm, Monday March 10, 2003. Room 500, Department of Mathematics, UCL

Meeting is open to all, no registration is required, but please email if you intend to come, to help give an indication of numbers. For talk abstracts see

2.00 – 2.45pm "Mathematical cardiology - an international effort to construct a virtual heart" Dr Henggui Zhang, Biological Physics Group, UMIST.
2.45 – 3.30pm  "On indistinguishable biochemical pathways. Deduction of the reaction mechanism for complex biochemical reactions." Dr Santiago Schnell, Centre for Mathematical Biology, University of Oxford
3.30 - 4.00pm TEA  
4.00 – 4.45pm  "Unifying Evolutionary Dynamics" Dr Karen Page, Bioinformatics Unit, UCL.
4.45 – 5.30pm  "The fluid mechanics of blinking" Professor Alistair Fitt, Department of Mathematics, University of Southampton.

Talks will be held in Room 500 on the 5th floor of the Mathematics Department, 25 Gordon Street, UCL. For further information please contact Dr Stephen Baigent, Mathematics Department, UCL, 020 7679 3593, email  

Source: Steve Baigent (

Pattern Formation and Nonlinear Dynamics

10 March 2003

University of Surrey

The first PANDA (Pattern Formation, Nonlinear Dynamics and Applications) meeting of the year will be held on Monday 10th March 2003 in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Surrey. We are very pleased to have speakers from the U.S. and France as well as the U.K. this time around, and the day promises to be very interesting.

Our two pedagogical review lectures will be: 

Contributed research talks follow in the afternoon. We still have a couple of slots available: if you would like to speak please email Rebecca Hoyle ( with a title. 

Postdocs and research students are warmly encouraged to attend, especially as speakers, and will be given preference in financial support.

Further details, including programme and travel information can be found on: Please circulate this announcement to anyone who may be interested in coming. For further information contact Rebecca Hoyle ( 

Source: Rebecca Hoyle (

Modern Trends in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

23-24 April 2003

University College London


This 2-day EPSRC-funded workshop will be held at UCL to mark the retirement of Professor Michael Thompson, director of UCL’s Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics and its Applications. 

The meeting will be organised around five themes closely related to Michael’s research interests: (i) stability of structures, (ii) rod mechanics, (iii) nonlinear dynamics of engineering structures, (iv) dynamics of non-smooth systems and (v) ship capsize, breaking waves, and escape from potential wells. There will be a strong focus on the future of research in applied and theoretical mechanics. All speakers are invited and there will be no parallel sessions. The opening address will be delivered by Lord Henry Chilver. 

Confirmed speakers: 

Chris Calladine (Cambridge) 
Giles Hunt (Bath) 
James Croll (UCL) 
Atanas Popov (Nottingham) 
Bernard Coleman (Rutgers) 
Michael Tabor (Arizona) 
Gabor Domokos (Budapest) 
Gert van der Heijden (UCL) 
Ali Nayfeh (Virginia) 
Frank Moon (Cornell) 
Hans Troger (Vienna) 
Allan McRobie (Cambridge) 
Dick van Campen (Eindhoven) 
David Wagg (Bristol) 
Chris Budd (Bath) 
Marian Wiercigroch (Aberdeen) 
Christoph Glocker (Zurich) 
Lawrence Virgin (Duke) 
Dracos Vassalos (Strathclyde) 
Rod Rainey (WS Atkins Ltd) 
Kostas Spyrou (Athens) 

Organisers: J. Croll, S. Bishop, G. van der Heijden (UCL) and A. Champneys (Bristol) 

More details and periodic updates will appear at the Web site 

Interested people are welcome to attend. No registration fee is required. Facilities for poster presentations will be available. For more information please contact Marie Parker (020-7679 7851, 

Source: Gert Van der Heijden (

Workshop on the Structure and Stability of Interfacial Waves

15-16 May 2003

Centre for Nonlinear Mathematics and Applications, University of Loughborough

Organised by Roger Grimshaw (Loughborough) and Tom Bridges (Surrey)

Confirmed invited speakers include

The aim of this workshop is to review what is known about the structure and stability of nonlinear interfacial waves, and to chart the way forward in the immediate future. Interfacial waves ride on the interface between two fluids of different densities and different background depths. In the limit when the upper density is zero, this system reduces to the well-known and much studied water wave problem. While much is now known about nonlinear water waves, the state of knowledge about interfacial waves is relatively sparse, with correspondingly few theoretical or numerical results currently available. As well as being of fundamental interest, interfacial waves are an important and commonly occurring feature in the world's oceans, and arise naturally in several other physical contexts. The workshop will bring together UK and European workers in this field, with the aim of obtaining a clear view of what we now know, and what should be the targets of research in this field over the next few years.

For further information and preliminary indication of interest, contact: 

Roger Grimshaw: 

Tom Bridges: 

Further announcements will be made at the websites: and 

Source: Tom Bridges ( )

Dynamics and Bifurcations of Patterns in Dissipative System

19-22 May 2003

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

Invited speakers and titles of the talks: 

D. Armbruster, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ : "Localized Structures in Parametrically Forced Systems" 
E. Bodenschatz, Cornell University, NY: "Experiments in Thermal Convection and Spatiotemporal Chaos" 
C. B. Ermentrout, University of Pittsburg, PA: "Patterns in Neuronal Networks" 
M. Golubitsky, University of Houston, TX: "Symmetries, Pattern Formation, and Geometric Visual Hallucinations" 
G. Gunaratne, University of Houston, TX: "Characterizations of Complex Patterns and their Applications" 
J. Lega, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ: "Phase Diffusion and Weak Turbulence" 
E. Knobloch, University of California, Berkely, CA: "Bursts and Intermittency in Fluid Mechanics" 
I. Melbourne, University of Surrey, UK: "Mathematical Foundations of Ginzburg Landau Theory" 
M. Proctor, DAMTP Cambridge, UK: "Hydrodynamic Instabilities" 
H. Riecke, Northwestern University, IL: "to be announced" 
M. Silber, Northwestern University, IL: "Bifurcation with Symmetry and Superlattices"

Themes of the workshop include: - stability, bifurcation and dynamics of patterns, - reduction of the governing equations, - the role of symmetry.

Contributed talks and posters are solicited.

There is no tax fee for the conference and partial financial support is offered to graduate students and young researchers from US (post-docs and faculty with a PhD less than six years old).

For further details please check the conference web page: 

Source: Iuliana Oprea (

Fourth International Conference on Dynamic Systems and Applications 

21-24 May 2003

Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia, USA 

Complete meeting information is included in 

Abstracts can be submitted at  

Conference abstracts can be viewed in 


Abstract Submission: March 31, 2003 
Motel cut off date: April 16, 2003 
Pre-Registration: US $175.00 (on or before March 31, 2003) : US $100.00 (Students). 
Registration: US $200.00 (on or after April 01, 2003): US $125.00 (Students). 
Banquet: May 22, 2003

For more information, contact M. Sambandham (

Source: International Conference on Dynamic Systems and Applications (

Dynamical Systems, Denton 2003

25-29 May 2003

University of North Texas in Denton TX

The goal of the conference is to gather participants representing various branches of dynamical systems. We plan to publish proceedings of the conference.

There will be five plenary (50 minutes) talks by :

You are invited to register and to deliver a 20 minute talk at 

Housing will be provided on UNT campus dormitories. You may also book a room in hotels near campus. For more information and reservation links at 


Mariusz Urbanski UNT
ph. : 940.565.3323 
web : 

Alex Clark UNT
ph. : 940.565.4701 
web : 

Large Systems: Some Mathematical Problems and Perspectives

26-29 May 2003

Roma Accademia Deilincei

The conference is organized by Accademia dei Lincei and sponsored by the GNFM-INdAM, Universita' of Roma Tor Vergata and Universita' di Roma La Sapienza. The organizing committee is composed by R. Esposito, R. Marra, E. Presutti and M. Pulvirenti.

The aim of the conference is to get the status of the art and the perspective on a few selected topics in Physics and Mathematical Physics whose connections are becoming more and more important in the recent developments of the research. The hope is that people and young people in particular could be attracted to doing research on these topics. For this reason we have requested the main specialists in the different sectors to give long (90') talks including an introductory part for non specialist, the current status of the research, the main technical problems and the perspectives.

The topics covered in the conference include quantum and classical equilibrium and non equilibrium, kinetic descriptions, macroscopic limits, phase transitions, interfaces evolution.

The list of the invited speakers is:

* to be confirmed.

Further information will be made available at the web page: 

Interested people are requested to register by sending an e-mail message to, including institution and the period of stay

Summer School on Nonlinear Phenomena in Computational Chemical Physics

9-14 June 2003


The Institute of Mathematics of the University of Barcelona (IMUB) organizes a summer school on nonlinear phenomena in computational chemical physics. The course is addressed to graduate and postgraduate students, and young researchers with an interest in computational chemistry and applied dynamical systems.

The school consists of 8 main courses of 3 hours each, plus several short seminars. The seminars are more specialized lectures given by some of the participants. The main courses are:

For more details, visit 

Source: COCHEM'03 (

5th Dublin Differential Equations Conference

10-14 June 2003

 Dublin City University, Ireland

This conference, which is the fifth in the series of Dublin Differential Equations conferences, aims to cover the theory, applications and numerical solution of differential equations and the interplay between these. The forthcoming conference will have talks centred around three key themes: functional differential equations, plasmas and biological systems.

Invited Speakers include: 

Contact for further information: 

For updates see: 

Source: Dana Mackey (

Two day meeting on Complex Fluids 

16-17 June 2003

School of Mathematical Sciences, University of the West of England, Bristol

The meeting will cover aspects of the fluid dynamics of complex fluids, including non-Newtonian fluids, superfluids, stratified interfacial flows and related numerical methods.

Invited speakers are:

For further details and to register your interest, please see or email Dr Karen Henderson (

Source: Karen Henderson (

2003 SIAM Annual Meeting

16-20 June 2003

Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal, CA

The 2003 SIAM annual meeting will be held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, June 16-20, 2003, at the Fairmont, Queen Elizabeth Hotel. 

Conference Themes

Invited Plenary Speakers 

Invited Topical Speakers

Von Neumann Lecturer 

More information is available at 

Source: David McLaughlin

Instructional Conference on Mathematical Analysis of Hydrodynamics

18-29 June 2003


The International Centre for Mathematical Sciences will be holding an Instructional Conference in Edinburgh this June on Mathematical Analysis of Hydrodynamics. The aim of this 10-day course is to instruct mathematicians at an early stage in their research career. The conference takes the form of a series of courses supplemented by single research-level talks on recent advances. Topics addressed will include: Euler equations; Quasi-geostrophic equations; Statistical hydrodynamics; Related models; Mathematical aspects of physical turbulence; and Water waves.

We would be grateful if you could advertise the meeting to staff and postgraduate students who might be interested in attending. We have funds from the EC to support the attendance of EU nationals who are 35 years of age. The closing date for applications is 17 February. Although there may be places available after this date for those who can cover their own costs, this is the absolute deadline for those requiring financial support.

There are more details, and online application forms, on the webpages. 

Source: John Toland (

MATHTOOLS'2003 - Tools for Mathematical Modelling

in honour of 300th-anniversary of Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University

23-28 June 2003

Saint-Petersburg, Russia 

Organisers: St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg University of Airspace Instrumentation, Institute for Informatics, Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems, St. Petersburg Mathematical Society, Pavlov Institute of Physiology, Editorial Board of the Electronic Journal "Differential Equations and Control Processes".

Local Organiser: Department of Mathematics and Laboratory "Nonlinear Analysis and Mathematical Modelling" of St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University,

Conference Chair: George Osipenko (

Local Organising Committee

Topics: A list of possible topics includes (but is not limited to) the following: mathematical modelling, fuzzy theory, control theory, mathematical physics, computer algebra, computer simulation, design techniques, numerical methods, parallel and distributed algorithms, computer modelling in dynamical systems, mathematical models in biology, medicine etc., applications to physics, mechanics, electrotechnics and electronics, dynamic economic models, general macro-economic models, market models, tools for mathematical education.

For more information, see the website: 

Source: Lidiya Linchuk (

The Fifth International Conference on Symmetry in Nonlinear Mathematical Physics

June 23-29 2003

Institute of Mathematics, Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine


Organising Committee:

The deadline for the registration is May 22, 2003

Further information is available on web-site 

or mirror 

Source: Alexander Zhalij (zhalij@CRM.UMontreal.CA

Workshop on Attractors and Coupled Systems

27 June 2003

University of Exeter

There will be a one-day workshop at the School of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Exeter, on Friday 27th June 2003. Confirmed speakers presently include Marc Timme (Goettingen) and Steve Coombes (Loughborough). There will be some funding available from the LMS `DynaBUGS' scheme 3 project coordinated by David Chillingworth (Southampton). 

For more details contact Peter Ashwin on, or see the webpage 

Source: Peter Ashwin (

Summer School on Applications of Advanced Mathematical and Computational Methods to Atmospheric and Oceanic Problems (MCAO2003) 

14-26 July 2003

National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Boulder, Colorado

Location: National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Boulder, Colorado, USA 

Dates: July 14 to 26, 2003. 


Scientific Program

The purpose of this interdisciplinary summer school is to bring together graduate students and young researchers on the one hand, and, on the other hand specialists of meteorology and oceanography, and applied mathematicians interested in geophysical fluid dynamics (GFD). It is hoped in this way: 

1. To initialize or further develop the communication and interactions between specialists of different fields working on diverse frontiers of GFD, to discuss new ideas and methods that will advance the field in the next decade, and 

2. To equip the students in these fields with the necessary tools and to bring them to the frontiers of this challenging and important area. In particular to expose advanced students and young researchers in one field to basic concepts and tools of the other field, and as well to advanced developments in their own field. 

The summer school consists of background pedagogical lectures in the mornings, invited lectures and informal discussions in the afternoons. The invited talks as well as the informal discussions will cover several important scientific issues; both state of the art knowledge and future directions will be addressed. 


Support: Partial funding is confirmed from NSF (Division of Mathematical Sciences and Geoscience Division), IMA and NCAR. Registrations and Application for Support: Both students and young scientists in the relevant fields are encouraged to participate, and partial financial support is available. Applications should be sent as early as possible to Barbara Hansford at NCAR, and electronic submissions are encouraged.

For more information visit the website: 

Source: Roger Temam (

Infinite-Dimensional Dynamical Systems: Analysis, Applications and Control

14-18 July 2003

University of Exeter

Organisers: Richard Rebarber (Nebraska), Stuart Townley (Exeter)

Workshop Themes

The workshop will be held over 5 days on the campus of the University of Exeter, UK. It is hoped to accommodate all speakers on campus. There is no registration fee.

The majority of talks are by invitation but there will be a small number of contributed talks. If you are interested in attending, possibly giving a talk, then email 

The latest information concerning the workshop can be found at 

Source: Stuart Townley (

Gordon Research Conference on 

Oscillations & Dynamic Instabilities in Chemical Systems

18 - 23 July 2004

Bates College, Lewiston, Maine

The Gordon Research Conference on "Oscillations & Dynamic Instabilities in Chemical Systems" will be held July 18 - 23, 2004 at historic Bates College in scenic Lewiston, Maine

Information on the conference will always be available at 

Source: John A. Pojman (

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