UK Nonlinear News , January 1996.

UK solitons receive a boost!

By Allan Fordy

As March 31st looms up, UK universities are spending money on their research profiles. This has been good news for ``soliton theory'', since, for a variety of reasons, several excellent people have been available during the past couple of years.

In 1993, A.S. Fokas moved to Loughborough, which has been building up a sizable nonlinear group, their latest acquisition being A.P. Veselov. Unfortunately for Loughborough, Fokas is about to move to Imperial College.

Here at Leeds we employed F.W. Nijhoff in 1994 and A.V. Mikhailov from December, 1995, with V.B. Kuznetsov arriving in January (on an EPSRC grant).

In 1996, A.C. Newell moves to Warwick.

This is a considerable boost to the already existing soliton/Yang-Mills groups in the UK, making the overall group one of the strongest in the world.

Allan Fordy,
Department of Applied Mathematical Studies and
Centre for Nonlinear Studies,
University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK
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