UK Nonlinear News , January 1996.


An informal 1-day meeting to present new developments in Nonlinear Dynamics and to exchange ideas.

Sponsored by the London Mathematical Society and the Institute of Physics.

9.30am - 5.30pm Sunday 24 March 1996
Institute of Physics, 76-78 Portland Place, London W1N 4AA

Speakers will include:
J. Gollub (Haverford, USA)
E. Knobloch (Berkeley, USA)
B. Branner (Lyngby, Denmark)
R. Krasny (Michigan, USA)
V. Lazutkin (St. Petersburg, Russia)
E. Bogomolny* (Orsay, France)
J. Meiss* (Boulder, USA)
J. Sanz-Serna* (Valladolid, Spain)

(* to be confirmed)

Organisers: R.S.MacKay (Cambridge), I.Procaccia (Weizmann, Israel).

All are welcome to attend, but seating is limited to 60. There will be a small registration fee to cover the cost of refreshments. If you are likely to participate, please send an e-mail to this effect (giving probability of attendance if not sure) to, by 21 February 1996. We do not promise to reply to any individual questions, but expect to e-mail further details to all people thus registered, shortly after 21 February.

Robert S. MacKay (
PHONE: 01223-339733
FAX: 01223-337918

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