Nonlinear Studies

Published by CARFAX IN 1996


  • V Lakshmikantham, Florida Institute of Technology, Department of Applied Mathematics, Melbourne, Florida 32901-6988, USA

  • M Sambandham, Morehouse College, Department of Mathematics and Research Center, Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia 30314, USA


  • D Miller-Harnish, Florida Institute of Technology, Department of Applied Mathematics, Melbourne, Florida 32901-6988, USA
  • International Editorial Board ((Page at ---uknl.))

    "Nonlinear Studies (formerly Nonlinear Times and Digest) is one of the few genuinely multi-disciplinary applied journals with the broadest spectrum of disciplines". Jewgeni Dshalalow, Principal Editor, Journal of Applied Mathematics and Stochastic Analysis

    The need to further our understanding of the nonlinear world has been the driving force behind the recent rapid increase in research concerned with the mathematical analysis of nonlinear phenomena. The multidisciplinary nature of the topic has resulted in stimulating and rewarding scientific co-operation across the traditional subject barriers.

    Nonlinear Studies, formerly Nonlinear Times and Digest, is published by Carfax in association with the International Federation of Nonlinear Analysts ((page at ---uknl.)). The purpose of the journal is to provide academic and professional researchers across a broad range of disciplines with a unique global forum for the exchange of the latest ideas and information on all aspects of nonlinear phenomena. The journal aims to forge unity in diversity, transcending traditional subject boundaries.

    The Editors welcome studies that attempt to understand, model, experiment, compute, predict and provide basic theories for analyzing and solving the nonlinear problems facing us today. Research papers are encouraged which describe the problems, show evidence of their importance, suggest possible approaches and comment on expected outcomes. The types of papers accepted include regular research articles, communications describing important advances in any relevant subject(s), informal expository articles which link various disciplines and digests of current fields of interest.

    Of especial interest are papers which demonstrate interactions between two or more of the following disciplines:

    At the forefront of its field, Nonlinear Studies is interdisciplinary and truly international in coverage. All prospective authors are assured of a fair and prompt review of their manuscripts.


    Nonlinear Studies, formerly Nonlinear Times and Digest, is currently noted in Mathematical Reviews, Current Mathematical Publications, MathSci, Zentralblatt für Mathematik/Mathematics Abstracts, Abstract Journal, USSR Academy of Sciences

    Volume 3, 1996, 2 issues, ISSN 1359-8678.


    Institutional Rate: EU £120.00; North America US$198.00
    Personal Rate: £38.00; North America US$62.00

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