UK Nonlinear News, August 2002

Professor J.M.T. Thompson FRS elected to the Council of the Royal Society

Professor J.M.T. Thompson FRS, elected to the Council of the Royal Society.

Source J.M.T. Thompson (

European Dynamics Days

The web pages for the advisory committee of the European Dynamics Days have been moved to:

and the secretary from 2002 is Peter Ashwin. If anyone if interested in organising a future European Dynamics Days, please contact one of the board (see webpages) or the secretary. We hope to have a location for the 2003 Dynamics Days announced by end of August 2002.

Source: Peter Ashwin.

Greg Pavliotis appointed as a post-doctoral research assistant in the Mathematics Institute at Warwick University

Greg Pavliotis joins the Mathematics Institute for a two year appointment as a post-doctoral research assistant. He recently graduated from RPI, New York, with a thesis on homogenization. At Warwick he will continue his work in homogenization, applying it to the study of Gaussian random field models for the distribution of heavy particles in a turbulent fluid.

Source: Andrew Stuart

Peter Wilberg appointed as a post-doctoral research assistant in the Mathematics Institute at Warwick University

Petter Wiberg joins the Mathematics Institute for a three year appointment as a post-doctoral research assistant. He recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a thesis on stochastic processes and applications to finance; he also works in numerical linear algebra. At Warwick he will use his expertise in stochastic processes and numerical linear to study the problem of parameter estimation for the fitting of stochastic models to partially observed dynamical systems.

Source: Andrew Stuart

John Ward appointed as a Lecturer in Mathematics at Loughborough

Dr John Ward has been appointed as a Lecturer within the Mathematical Biology Group of the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Loughborough University.

John received his PhD in 1997 from the University of Nottingham supervised by John King. Since then he has held a 3 year Wellcome Research Training Fellowship and two spells as Temporary Lecturer at Nottingham.

His research interests are in the application of mathematical modelling in biology and medicine, including tumour growth and chemotherapy and many of aspects of bacterial infection (biofilm growth, cell-cell signalling, tissue infiltration, cell motion and complex predator-prey interactions).

Source: Markus Owen.

IOP launches new journals service for authors and readers

For more than a year now the Institute of Physics has provided free electronic access to the current issues of most of our journals. This service has proven to be extremely popular with readers, of course, but also with authors as it has offered unrivalled visibility for, and accessibility to, their papers.

Building on this success, we are pleased to announce the launch of This Month's Papers, a new service offering even more exposure for our authors. Rather than being free for the lifetime of the issue (a mere 7 days for our most frequent titles), the full-text of the final typeset version of each article will now be freely available in This Month's Papers for a period of 30 days from online publication, irrespective of the frequency of the journal.

This means that articles accepted for publication in the majority of our journals will be made free to the entire physics community for 30 days. The aim is to underline our commitment to disseminate new research as widely as possible.

How to access This Month's Papers

This Month's Papers can be found within the EJs Extra section of our Electronic Journals service at The papers are also freely available in the source journals. To access the free articles, non-subscribers to the source journals will be prompted to login or to create an account, if they do not have a username and password for our Electronic Journals service.

Please note that a number of our partner journals are excluded from this service. Further information is available at If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Advisors at

Lectures Notes in Mathematics ONLINE

The series "Lecture Notes in Mathematics" aims to inform on new developments in all areas of mathematics and their applications.

"Lecture Notes in Mathematics" are not available electronically. Springer are offering an opportunity to discover the wide spectrum of LN Mathematics Online until the end of the year:

Constant full text access is available for Institutions who subscribe to "Lecture Notes in Mathematics" at no extra cost. Please ask your librarian to register for the LINK Basic License.

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