UK Nonlinear News, August 2002

Pattern Formation and Nonlinear Dynamics

University of Surrey, June 25th 200

By Rebecca Hoyle

A one-day meeting on patterns and nonlinear dynamics was held on Tuesday 25th June 2002 in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Surrey. This was the third meeting in the LMS funded PANDA (Pattern Formation, Nonlinear Dynamics and Applications) network series, following meetings in Cambridge (December 2001) and Leeds (March 2002).

About 25 people attended the meeting. There were two pedagogical review lectures given by Pete Ashwin and James Robinson, and four shorter research talks by Rob Sturman, Yong Kheng Goh, Jon Dawes and Stella Abreu.

Pete Ashwin's lecture gave an overview of symmetric chaos, intermittency and pattern formation. James Robinson described approaches to studying infinite-dimensional dynamical systems. The short talks looked at pattern formation in granular media and epidemiology, the behaviour of cycling chaos and the use of symmetry to reduce the phase space. Further details of the programme can be found at

One further meeting is planned in Cambridge in September 2002.

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