UK Nonlinear News, August 2002

Workshop on Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems

Imperial College, London 11-15 February 2002

Organiser: Jeroen Lamb

By Jeroen Lamb

The aim of this workshop was to hold a workshop on Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems, involving researchers from various areas within the dynamical systems community. The meeting was announced as an exploratory workshop in Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems with a particular emphasis on future developments rather than past achievements. Initially the workshop was planned to be rather small (ca 25 participants), but due to overwhelming enthusiasm of young researchers for this workshop, it became an extended meeting. In the end, the workshop counted 65 participants from 12 countries.

Thematically, the workshop saw contributions from various angles on the topic, from Pure Mathematics (counting periodic orbits in geodesic flows) on the one hand to Numerical simulations (molecular dynamics) on the other.

The workshop was roughly scheduled in thematic blocks, dealing with the following broad themes:

From the workshops webpage many details, including all talks and contact details of participants, can be obtained.

The workshop was financially supported by the PRODYN programme of the European Science Foundation, and the Department of Mathematics of Imperial College.

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