UK Nonlinear News, August 2002

Geometry, Dynamics and Bifurcation

University of Southampton 10-11 May 2002

By David Chillingworth

This meeting was supported by the London Mathematical Society under Scheme 3 (Southern Bifurcation Group).

The meeting was held on a Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, which proved quite a successful format - despite lack of breakfast in the Hall of Residence. About 20 people attended the meeting, with most people present for both days.

The speakers were:

James Montaldi (UMIST)Robust relative homoclinics
Bart Oldeman (Bristol)Numerical homoclinic branch switching
Reiner Lauterbach (Hamburg)Geometry and dynamics: an example of forced symmetry breaking
Rebecca Hoyle (Surrey)Bifurcation with icosahedral symmetry
Stella Abreu (Surrey)Orbit space reduction under compact Lie group actions
Hinke Osinga (Bristol)Computation and visualisation of two-dimensional global manifolds
Ken Meyer (Cincinnati)Evolution and bifurcation of invariant manifolds
Dave Wood (Warwick)Walking with Insects

For details of Southern Bifurcation activities contact David Chillingworth.

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