UK Nonlinear News, August 2002

Differential Forms and Their Relatives in Numerics

University of Surrey

By Tom Bridges

This one day meeting was held on Friday 7th June, sponsored by EPSRC and the Surrey Numerics Network. The meeting was attended by over 30 people from Surrey and around the UK, including participants from UMIST, Sheffield, Culham Laboratories, Cambridge and Imperial College. From within Surrey, attendees included colleagues from Chemistry, Physics, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering.A

The focus of the meeting was to introduce and discuss recent developments in the use of differential forms and other geometric ideas in the formulation of numerical schemes for partial differential equations. The meeting was started with an impressive presentation by Professor Alain Bossavit showing how one needed firstly to reinterpret Maxwell's equations geometrically and topologically before discretizing. Other topics of discussion included homology and algebraic topological aspects of discretizations and the use of Clifford algebra in numerical analysis. Details of speakers, programme and the iArchive from the meeting are on the web at

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