UK Nonlinear News, May 2002

Applied Nonlinear Mathematics group at the University of Bristol awarded a £1M Major Multidisciplinary Research Grant

ANM dudes at Bristol The EPSRC Mathematics Programme has awarded a £1M Major Multidisciplinary Research Grant to the Applied Nonlinear Mathematics (ANM) group within the Department of Engineering Mathematics at the University of Bristol (see attached photo of the grant holders, from left to right; Dr Hinke Osinga, Professor John Hogan, Dr Martin Homer, Dr Eddie Wilson, Dr Bernd Krauskopf, Professor Alan Champneys and Dr Mario diBernardo). The 5 year rolling programme of research will employ 5 postdoctoral research assistants and will host a series of structured visits by leading mathematicians and engineers and a series of workshops. The grant has its own management committee, together with its own secretarial and administrative support. An international scientific steering committee will oversee the work.

The grant was awarded after an intense year long competition that included a presentation to EPSRC in London. The research centres on work within the Bristol Laboratory for Advanced Dynamical Engineering (BLADE) project in the Faculty of Engineering at Bristol. Here full-size components of major engineering structures will be put into "flight simulators" which will mimic, on computers, how the rest of the structure behaves. This solution to design problems throws up a whole host of difficult leading edge mathematical research problems that this grant will address.

A separate advertisement in the Jobs section of this edition of UK Nonlinear News contains details of the first two RAs that we hope to recruit to start work in October. We are looking for the brightest candidates available. Previous experience of the specified research fields is not essential. Full details of these RA posts are available.

In addition, the ANM group is one of the 13 centres that was recently awarded nearly 3 million euros from the EU for SICONONS (SImulation and COntrol of NonSmooth systems), a project to develop European wide understanding of systems involving so-called piecewise nonlinearities, such as occur in relay systems or systems involving impacts.

Source: John Hogan.

Leonard Smith awarded the 2002 Selby Fellowship by the Australian Academy of Science

Leonard Smith has been awarded the 2002 Selby Fellowship by the Australian Academy of Science. Details are available on their web site Leonard writes "sorta a lecture 'world tour of Australia'".

Source: Leonard A. Smith (

MSc in Astrodynamics, University of Surrey

The University of Surrey Department of Mathematics and Statistics is offering Scholarships for places on its new MSc course in "Astrodynamics". This course will be taught jointly by the Department and the Surrey Space Centre and will provide training in the development and application of mathematical methods for spacecraft dynamics, control and mission design. For further information and details of how to apply visit:

Source Mark Roberts.

Two New Senior Lecturers at Surrey

Jonathan Deane and Gianne Derks have been promoted to Senior Lectureships in Mathematics with effect from 1st April. Jonathan has been a Lecturer at Surrey since 1994, and Gianne has been a Lecturer at Surrey since 1995.

Source: Tom Bridges.

Bernd Kirchheim appointed to an Oxford University Lectureship in Nonlinear Analysis

Bernd Kirchheim, previously at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig has been appointed to the University Lectureship in Nonlinear Analysis at Oxford University with effect from October 2002. He is an authority on multi-dimensional calculus and related issues in the calculus of variations, with application in particular to materials science.

Source: John Ball.

Claudia Wulff appointed as a Lecturer in Mathematics at Surrey

Claudia Wulff has been appointed Lecturer in Mathematics at Surrey, starting August 2002. Claudia received her PhD in 1996 from the Free University in Berlin supervised by Bernold Fiedler. Since then she has held postdoctoral appointments at the Free University and the University of Warwick. She currently holds an EU Marie Curie Fellowship, and is a long-term participant in the Warwick Symposium on Geometry and Mechanics. Claudia's research includes the theory of meandering and drifting spiral waves in reaction-diffusion systems, equivariant dynamical systems, Hamiltonian dynamics, centre-bundle reductions, nonlinear PDEs, and the bifurcation and stability of relative equilibria.

Source: Tom Bridges.

American Institute of Mathematical Sciences

The American Institute of Mathematical Sciences is an international organization for the advancement and dissemination of mathematical sciences. AIMS promotes mathematical sciences education through its publications and conferences. The mission of AIMS is to foster and enhance interactions among a broad spectrum of mathematicians and scientists worldwide. AIMS is primarily focused on serving mathematicians and scientists sharing a common interest in differential equations, dynamical systems and their wide-range applications to sciences and engineering through analysis, modelling and computations.

AIMS Press, an in-house publisher, publishes three international journals: Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems, Series A and Series B, and Communications on Pure and Applied Analysis. Each journal is edited by a group of world-wide leading mathematicians and scientists in diversified fields to guarantee the journal's highest standard and closest link to the scientific and engineering communities. A unique feature of the journals is their streamlined review processes and rapid publications. The fast, direct and personal communication between the authors, the Editorial Office and the editors makes it possible to keep the authors informed of the process.

Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations is an international Conference Series, organized by AIMS and sponsored by the National Science Foundation, that takes place biennially, since 1996, in different regions and countries to benefit most people. The Conference Series is focused on theories, modelling and computations. The fourth conference takes place at Wilmington, NC, USA, May 24-27, 2002, with over 400 international participants of the highest calibre present. Your proposals to host the Conference are welcome.

Contact Information:
Dr. Shouchuan Hu, Director, American Institute of Mathematical Sciences
901 S. National Avenue
P.O. Box 2604
Springfield, MO 65801-2604, USA
Phone: (417) 836-5377
Fax: (417) 886-0559

Source: Dr. Shouchuan Hu (

Fitzroy Dearborn's Encyclopedia of Nonlinear Science

Fitzroy Dearborn's Encyclopedia of Nonlinear Science, edited by Alwyn Scott, is scheduled for publication in late 2003. A small number of entries remain unassigned and we are seeking authors for these so that the list of entries can be closed and we can proceed with the review and editorial phases. Academics who are interested in contributing some of the remaining unassigned entries should look at the project web site where they will find the list of unassigned entries as well as other useful information about the project. Contributors will receive a copy of the Encyclopedia and be fully credited in the Encyclopedia. Deadlines will be from 31 August, or by arrangement. Offers to write entries should be emailed to the publishers, at, or faxed on +44 (0)20 7636 6982, giving brief background details of academic position and research.

Source: Gillian Lindsey ( (Commissioning Editor), on behalf of the Editor, Dr Alwyn Scott

Launch of an Interdisciplinary Research Institute in Lille (France)

Last year, I attended the meeting on Modelling Cell Systems: the Post Genomic Challenge, and I have been very interested by the CoMPLEX centre on that occasion.

Today, I have the pleasure to announce the launch of an Interdisciplinary Research Institute, which is will be built in Lille (France). In this perspective, we organize an interdisciplinary school on Imaging, modelling and manipulating transcriptional regulatory networks ( On behalf of the members of the scientific committee, Christoph Cremer, Albert Goldbeter, Stanislas Leibler and Michel Petitot, I would like to invite you to this school. We are also seeking applicants for independent research positions in this Interdisciplinary Research Institute. Further informations can be found at the following address: I really hope that these events will foster collaborations between researchers in Lille and in the CoMPLEX centre !

Source: Bernard Vandenbunder (

NLS-NET: a free service for the nonlinear sciences community

NLS-NET is a free net-delivering service for the nonlinear science community, launched jointly by American Institute of Mathematical Sciences and University of Barcelona. Its purpose is to distribute e-mail tables of contents of the prime journals, announcements of meetings, new books or journals, positions, software, etc., related to nonlinear sciences. Messages proposing open problems or looking for collaborators for interdisciplinary projects are encouraged. To register, go to

Source: Shouchuan Hu.

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