UK Nonlinear News, May 2002

Joint workshop of

The Nonlinear Pennine Triangle


Patterns, Nonlinear Dynamics and Applications (PANDA)

Dynamics with Symmetry

University of Leeds, 25th-26th March 2002

By Alastair Rucklidge

A two-day meeting on dynamics with symmetry was held at the University of Leeds on the 25th-26th March 2002. This was a joint workshop organised as part of two networks: the Nonlinear Pennine Triangle (comprising Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester and UMIST) and the PANDA group (Leeds, Cambridge and Surrey). Both networks are sponsored by the LMS under Scheme 3 grants, which are held by Rebecca Hoyle (University of Surrey) and Paul Glendinning (UMIST).

About 40 participants attended the meeting, including 16 research students and 4 postdocs. There were thirteen contributions over the two days. The meeting started with three hour-long pedagogical lectures given by Alastair Rucklidge and Rebecca Hoyle, on the subjects of medium and long wavelength instabilities of patterns, and by Mike Thurlow on properties and problems of experimental convection. The first day ended with a review of the connection between the Taylor-Couette experiment and Ginzburg-Landau theory, by Tom Mullin.

The shorter talks on the second day covered a variety of topics in convection, symmetry breaking, chaotic dynamics, boundary effects and pattern formation. Throughout, there was a mixture of experimental, numerical and theoretical talks. More details are available from

Further meetings are planned in 2002 in both networks, with the next taking place at the University of Surrey on Tuesday 25th June.

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