UK Nonlinear News, May 2002

Nonlinear Mathematics and Applications

Department of Mathematical Sciences, Loughborough University 8 February 2002

By Roger Grimshaw

This meeting was held to mark the establishment of the Centre for Nonlinear Mathematics and Applications in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Loughborough University. (see and follow links). The meeting was attended by between 70-80 people from all parts of the UK, who were privileged to hear four excellent one-hour talks from the invited speakers.

Professor Thanasis Fokas University of Cambridge
A new method for boundary-value problems
Dr. Franco Vivaldi Queen Mary , University of London
Piece-wise affine dynamical systems
Professor John Hogan University of Bristol
Theory and applications of piece-wise linear dynamical systems
Professor John Toland University of Bath
Mathematical developments in Stokes-wave theory

The meeting concluded with a brief reception at which the Vice-Chancellor of Loughborough University, Professor David Wallace, formally opened the Centre. It is planned to hold several similar meetings on various specific themes which involve nonlinear mathematics and applications during this and subsequent years.

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