UK Nonlinear News, November 2001

Workshop on Patterns in Nonlinear Systems

University of Nottingham: 17th October 2001

By Paul Matthews

This meeting was held in the School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Nottingham on Wednesday 17 October 2001. The meeting was the second in the `Transpennine Nonlinear Triangle' series, funded by the LMS Scheme 3, organised by Paul Glendinning and supported by Edgar Knobloch, Tom Mullin and Paul Matthews. Future meetings in the series will take place in Leeds and Manchester.

Jan Bouwe van den Berg (Nottingham) gave a talk on `Stable and unstable patterns for fourth order differential equations', giving conditions under which the existence of steady patterns could be proved for fourth order equations with a cubic nonlinearity.

Jennifer Siggers (Cambridge) spoke on `Dynamics of targets in low-Prandtl number convection', concentrating on the complicated nonlinear dynamics and global bifurcations involved in the interaction between different target-shaped eigenmodes.

After lunch Nico Gray (Manchester) gave a multimedia presentation on `Pattern formation in rapid granular flows', incorporating videos and an experiment, passed around the audience, showing the formation of stripy patterns in a mixture of two different particle types.

The last talk was given by Rebecca Hoyle (Surrey) on `Bifurcation in a dodecahedral box', applying representation theory and the equivariant branching lemma to deduce the existence of solution branches with symmetry corresponding to subgroups of the symmetry group of the dodecahedron.

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