UK Nonlinear News, November 2001

Modelling and Identification of Continuous Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

University of Freiburg 23-26 September 2001

By Henning U. Voss

This meeting was held at the Freiburg Center for Data Analysis and Modelling at the University of Freiburg (Black Forest, Germany) September 23 - 26 2001 and was jointly organised by Henning Voss (Freiburg), Jens Timmer (Freiburg), and Juergen Kurths (Potsdam). Approximately 45 participants contributed a talk, poster, or to discussion.

The workshop was inspired by the fact that data-based inference and validation of continuous-time models have become important challenges in nonlinear data analysis. The intention was to bring together experts on the data-driven analysis of systems and those working experimentally with particular systems from different fields of research. The workshop aimed at discussing problems that were interesting for physicists, engineers, and mathematicians in a joint approach.

The organizers included much time for discussion on a get-together meeting, a conference dinner, a city walk and a trip to the mountains.

The results will be published in a special issue of the International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos (IJBC) in Applied Sciences and Engineering.

For a detailed program and a list of contributors, see

The oral contributions were from:

F.T. Arecchi Adaptive control of homoclinic chaos and its implication for neurodynamics
J.P. Baltanas Reliability of spike timing in the FitzHugh-Nagumo neuron model
A. Bardow Inverse problems in multicomponent mass transfer
M. Bertram Controlling turbulence and pattern formation in the catalytic CO oxidation by global delayed feedback
A. Bonnefont Spatial bifurcation of fixed points and limit cycles during the electrochemical oxidation of H2 on Pt ring-electrodes
J. Broecker Filtering and related estimation problems for Markov processes with discrete time observations
R. Chrobok Traffic forecast in large scale freeway networks
M. Droske Image processing method for flow visualization and analysis
A. Fedorova Pattern formation, localization and coherent structures in nonlinear collective/wave dynamics
L.C.S. G'oes Nonlinear modelling and control of a flexible structure mounted micromanipulator system
R.M. Guti'errez A nonlinear model of the earth's mean surface temperature
H. Kantz Finite time corrections for the estimate of Fokker-Planck and Langevin equations from time series data
J. Kurths Learning phase synchronization from non-synchronized chaotic regimes
S. Mandelj Non-parametric modelling of spatio-temporal dynamics using local state reconstruction
T. Mueller Parameter estimation in partial differential equations
U. Parlitz Think global, model local
J. Peinke Reconstruction of stochastic dynamical equations from experimental data
M. Thiel Local asymmetry plots
M. Zeitlin Quasiclassical calculations and modelling in nonlinear dynamics via wavelets

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