UK Nonlinear News, November 2001

Piecewise-smooth dynamical systems and their application

University of Bristol: 19th September 2001

By Alan Champneys

A one-day research meeting was held at the Department of Engineering Mathematics University of Bristol on ``Piecewise-smooth dynamical systems and their application'' on Wed 19th Sept 2001, as part of the LMS network on Southern Bifurcation theory. The organisers were Mario di Bernardo, Martin Homer and Alan Champneys.

An audience of approximately 25 heard an interesting mix of pure and applied talks on this timely topic, the programme of which is below. There are plans to publish a special issue of the Journal of Dynamical Systems (formally Journal of Dynamics and Control of Systems) based on these themes.

11.00-11.45 David Chillingworth Southampton
``Horseshoes in a simple impact oscillator''
11.45-12.30 Arne Nordmark KTH Sweden
``Continuity properties of discontinuity mappings''
2.00-2.45 Bill Stronge Cambridge
``Generalized impulse and momentum applied to multi-body impact with friction''
2.45-3.15 Piotr Kowalczyk Bristol
``Bifurcations of Dynamical Systems with Sliding: Derivation of normal-form mappings''
3.15-3.45 Peter Ashwin Exeter
``Invariant curves for piecewise isometries''
4.15-4.45 Mark Holland UMIST
``Slowly mixing dynamical systems and maps with indifferent fixed points''
4.45-5.15 Ian Roberts Aerospace Engineering, Bristol
``The Application of the Continuation Method to Piecwise-Linear Aeroelastic Systems''
5.15-5.45 David Wagg Mechanical Engineering, Bristol
``Multi-dimensional impacting systems
David Chillingworth Southampton
Arne Nordmark KTH Sweden
Bill Stronge Cambridge
Piotr Kowalczyk Bristol
Pete Ashwin Exeter
Mark Holland UMIST
Ian Roberts Bristol
David Wagg Bristol
Alan Champneys
Martin Homer
Mario di Bernardo

Support from the LMS `Southern Bifurcation Theory' Network Grant' & from University of Bristol.

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