UK Nonlinear News, August 2001

Professor Ian Stewart elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society

UK Nonlinear News would like to congratulate Professor Ian Stewart on his recent election to the Fellowship of the Royal Society.

Excerpt: Ian Stewart, elected as a General Candidate, is distinguished for his wide-ranging major contributions to the understanding of mathematics and science, through books, public lectures, radio and television appearances and newspaper and magazine articles. In addition he is recognised internationally for the distinction of his many contributions to research in mathematics.

Professor Martin Golubitsky has kindly agreed to contribute an overview of Professor Stewart's work, which will appear in the next issue of Nonlinear News.

Visitor to Heriot-Watt - Yuri V Brezhnev

Yuri V Brezhnev, (Kaliningrad) will be a visitor to Heriot-Watt University from June 2001 for 12 months, funded by the Royal Society and hosted by Chris Eilbeck.

Fields of interest: soliton theory and application of methods of algebraic geometry to integrable equations.

In detail: Darboux transformations for spectral problems defined by ordinary ODE's, nonlinear superpositions for integrable PDE's, elliptic solutions of integrable equations, effective descriptions of finite-gap solutions of PDE's, especially elliptic ones, theory of automorphic functions, uniformization of algebraic curves and their application to mathematical physics and quantum field theory.

Source: Chris Eilbeck <>

SIAM Awards New Prizes In Dynamical Systems

Background: At the 5th SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems (May, 1999), the institution of two prizes in dynamical systems was announced. The Moser lecture award, in honor of Jurgen Moser (1929-1999), is a lifetime achievement award for researchers in nonlinear science. The winner is invited to give a lecture at the next biannual SIAM dynamical systems meeting. The J. D. Crawford Prize is awarded for exceptional recent work in nonlinear science. Jurgen Moser, the 'M' from KAM theory, was one of the world's leading mathematicians. (KAM theory is used to describe the interplay between order and chaos in conservative (Energy preserving) dynamical systems. Examples of such systems include the N-body problem in celestial mechanics, mechanical arrays of coupled springs and pendula, molecules, and small-scale devices.) John David Crawford (1954-1998) earned a Ph. D. in Physics from Berkeley in 1983 and was a professor of physics at the University of Pittsburgh starting in 1990. His research focused on collisionless plasmas and pattern formation.

Excerpt: (...) Yakov Sinai was chosen to give the first Moser Lecture, an honor that recognizes distinguished lifetime achievement in dynamical systems and nonlinear science. Yakov Sinai earned his Ph.D. at Moscow State University in 1960. He held several positions in the USSR before being appointed a professor of mathematics at Princeton in 1993. He has been invited to give numerous lectures and been chosen for numerous awards during his career. Sinai is best known for his work on ergodic theory, although he has touched on several other areas of dynamical systems. Sinai's lecture was a mixture of mathematics and history. He discussed, for example, how KAM theory used to be viewed as just one theorem among many rather than as a paradigm of Hamiltonian dynamics (as it is considered today).

The prize created in memory of John David Crawford, who died in 1998 at the age of 44, recognizes recent outstanding work in dynamical systems and nonlinear science. The prize committee chose Björn Sandstede "for fundamental contributions to the study of spiral waves: based on deep work on the stability of nonlinear waves and symmetry-breaking bifurcations in systems with Euclidean symmetry." Sandstede, who received his PhD from the University of Stuttgart in 1993, has been a member of the Ohio State faculty since 1998. He spent the intervening years mainly as a research fellow at the Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis in Berlin.

Source: Complexity Digest 2001.23 (June 4th 2001).

V.I. Arnold awarded the 2001 Wolf Prize in Mathematics (with S. Shelah)

The 2001 Wolf Prize in Mathematics has been awarded to VLADIMIR I. ARNOLD of the Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, and the Université de Paris-Dauphine, and to SAHARON SHELAH of the Hewbrew University of Jerusalem. Arnold is honoured "for his deep and influential work in a multitude of areas of mathematics, including dynamical systems, differential equations, and singularity theory." Shelah is honored "for his many fundamental contributions to mathematical logic and set theory and their applications within other parts of mathematics."

Further details of the work of both winners is contained in: Notices of the American Mathematical Society, Volume 48, Number 5, 504-505, May 2001. (The above notice is taken from this source).

Mike Allen appointed as Director of the Centre for Scientific Computing, Warwick University

Mike Allen, currently Professor of Physics at the University of Bristol, has been apppointed as the first Director of the Warwick University Centre for Scientific Computing, effective from September 2001.

Mike Allen is internationally renowned for his work in molecular simulation of materials. His research is currently focussed on properties of liquid crystals. He is also well-known for his seminal publication (with Dominic Tildesley) "Computer Simulation of Liquids".

For further information on the Centre see:

Source: Andrew Stuart <>

Alex Cheng, Celso Grebogi and Tomasz Kapitaniak appointed honorary professors at the Department of Engineering, Aberdeen University

Alex Cheng (University of Delaware), Celso Grebogi (University of San Paulo) and Tomasz Kapitaniak (TU Lodz) have been appointed honorary professors at the Department of Engineering, Aberdeen University for a period of five years.

Source: Marian Wiercigroch <>

Sean Oughton appointed to a lectureship at the University of Waikato

Dr Sean Oughton will be leaving the department of mathematics at University College London to take up a lectureship at the Department of Mathematics, University of Waikato, Hamilton New Zealand, effective August 01, 2001.

Source: Sean Oughton

Postdoctoral Appointment - Dr Alexei Tsygvintsev

Dr Alexei Tsygvintsev <> is a recent postdoctoral appointment to work on the Leverhulme Trust funded project "Analytical and Numerical Investigation of Universality in Dynamical Systems" held jointly by Andy Osbaldestin (Loughborough University) and Ben Mestel (Exeter University).

Alexei is based in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Loughborough University, and was previously a PhD student at Moscow State University and the University of Toulouse, with thesis title "Meromorphic Nonintegrability of the Three-Body problem." His research interests include Hamiltonian mechanics and renormalization theory.

Source: Andy Osbaldestin <>

BES Computing Database

Matt Keeling is compiling a list of expertise of people working with computers in ecology. The aims are:

Please contact Matt ( if you or anyone in your group would like to be added by emailing the following information:

Web page URL
Area of expertise
More specifics

If you want to see what others have written look at,

Source: Matt Keeling <>

Nonlinear Speech Processing

A new COST action involving researchers from around Europe has started on Nonlinear Speech processing. The COST action is called COST 277. Further information is available on the web at 

Interested researchers should contact:

Dr Stephen McLaughlin 
Reader/Royal Society University Research Fellow 
Dept of Electronics and Electrical Engineering 
University of Edinburgh 
Kings Buildings 
Edinburgh EH9 3JL

Tel 44 (0)131 650 5578 
Fax 44 (0)131 650 6554 
Mobile 07764690074

Source: Stephen McLaughlin <>

Talks on Chaos in Medicine

Toronto cardiologist, Dr V Rambihar was will present two lectures on chaos at the Caribbean Cardiology Conference in Barbados, Aug 1-3, 2001 - 1) Ethnicity and Heart Disease: making a difference with chaos and complexity, and 2) Chaos in Cardiology: from EP to ET.

He will also present Chaos in Medicine at the Complexity in Primary Care Group Conference, September 19 - 21 in Exeter.

A copy of "A New Mathematical (chaos and complexity) Theory of Medicine, Health and Disease: refiguring medical thought" by VS Rambihar and Professor Michael Baum of UCL is posted at

Source: VS Rambihar <>

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