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NONLINEARITY - Contents list

Volume 13, Issue 1, January 2001
C1 Skyrmions and rational maps
T Ioannidou, B Piette, P Sutcliffe and W Zakrzewski
1 Perturbations of the isochrone model
P Yanguas
35 Fronts and pulses in a class of reaction--diffusion equations: a geometric singular perturbation approach
G Hek
73 On the box dimension of an invariant set
C Wolf
81 The Hausdorff dimension of recurrent sets in symbolic spaces
D-J Feng and J Wu
87 Codimension-one persistence beyond all orders of homoclinic orbits to singular saddle centres in reversible systems
A R Champneys
113 Cantor bouquet of holomorphic stable manifolds for a periodic indeterminate point
Y Yamagishi
121 On the number and indices of equilibria in a space-dependent bistable parabolic equation
D Salazar and J Sol\`a-Morales
133 Invariant measures for stochastic partial differential equations in unbounded domains
J-P Eckmann and M Hairer
153 On the existence of finger solutions of the Hele-Shaw equation
J-Z Su
167 Quantum suppression of the Rayleigh instability in nanowires
F Kassubek, C A Stafford, H Grabert and R E Goldstein
179 On fluctuations and the exponential statistics of return times
B Saussol
Volume 13, Issue 2, March 2001.
193 Pole loci of solutions of a degenerate Garnier system
S Shimomura
205 Stability of piecewise rotations and affine maps
A Goetz
221 Well-posedness issues for models of phase transitions with weak interaction
P C Fife
239 Milnor attractors and topological attractors of a piecewise linear map
P Glendinning
259 Variational properties of multifractal spectra
L Barreira
275 Euclidean extensions of dynamical systems
M Nicol, I Melbourne and P Ashwin
301 Mappings of grazing-impact oscillators
J Molenaar, J G de Weger and W van de Water
323 Unfolding of chaotic unimodal maps and the parameter dependence of natural measures
H Thunberg
339 Fractal dimensions of the hydrodynamic modes of diffusion
T Gilbert, J R Dorfman and P Gaspard
359 Mixing attractors for 3-flows
C A Morales and M J Pacifico
379 Inclination-flip homoclinic orbits arising from orbit-flip
C A Morales and M J Pacifico
395 Large deviation for weak Gibbs measures and multifractal spectra
M Kesseböhmer

Proceedings of Dynamics Days Asia-Pacific published

The proceedings of the first Dynamics Days Asia-Pacific (DDAP) have been published in Physica A, Volume 288, Nos. 1-4 (15 December, 2000).

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