UK Nonlinear News, May 2001

CNLS meeting on The Dynamics of Continuum Systems

By Steve Tobias

The Centre for Nonlinear Studies at the University of Leeds held a half-day meeting on "The Dynamics of Continuum Systems" on Monday, 19th March, 2001. The meeting focussed on bringing together researchers from different areas of dynamical systems (from experimentalists to abstract theorists) with an emphasis on the underlying dynamics of pattern formation.

The contributions included talks on Pattern formation with a Conservation Law (Paul Matthews, Nottingham), Convective and absolute Instability and the breakup of spiral waves (Steve Tobias, Leeds), Defibrillation as the elimination of spiral waves (Arun Holden, Leeds), Imperfect dynamics (Tom Mullin, Manchester), The dynamics of twisted scrolls (Dwight Barkley, Warwick) and Flow-generated structures in chemical systems (John Merkin, Leeds).

The meeting was well attended and sets the scene for a series of meetings in the coming year funded by the London Mathematical Society to be held jointly between Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham and UMIST.

For the full programme see

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