UK Nonlinear News, May 2001

Southern Bifurcation Meetings: Nonlinear Dynamics in Control Theory

School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Exeter

By Hinke Osinga

This third meeting in the series Southern Bifurcations, sponsored by the LMS under Scheme 3, was a one-day workshop with four speakers. The meeting aimed to establish and enhance communication between the Control community, in particular Nonlinear Control Theory, and the Dynamical Systems community, in particular Bifurcation Theory.

The speakers were Henri Huijberts (QMW) who talked about "System identification in communication with chaotic systems"; Hugo van den Berg (Warwick) who presented "Optimal control of building block allocation in microbial metabolism"; Ludwig Arnold (Bremen) with a talk on "Stochastic bifurcation: concepts and examples"; and Hans Crauel (Ilmenau) discussed "Noise-assisted Stabilisation."

For information on the other Southern Bifurcations meetings (at Bristol, Surrey and Southampton) see the web page

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