UK Nonlinear News, February 2001.


Article: The Quadratic Family as a Qualitatively Solvable Model of Chaos

In a number of ways, the iterates of mappings x -> x2 +C of the real line to iself exhibit behaviour that is representative of general chaotic dynamical systems. The author discusses this behaviour and the remarkable methods of complex-variable theory that unblock their mystery.

Mikhail Lyubich. The Quadratic Family as a Qualitatively Solvable Model of Chaos. Notices of the American Mathematical Society 47(9), October 2000, pages 1042-1052.

Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, and Life Sciences to be indexed in MEDLINE

The National Library of Medicine will be indexing Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, and Life Sciences in MEDLINE. It will probably take a couple months before the material that is already published will show up in the indexing service.

NDPLS is also indexed in PSYCINFO (American Psychological Association) and Social Sciences Abstracts/Index. Please keep us in mind as a possible venue for your work.

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New Journal: Stochastics and Dynamics

For "Guidelines for Authors" and subscription information:

World Scientific Publishing Company
Vol 1, 2001, 4 issues

Aims and Scope

This interdisciplinary journal is devoted to publishing high quality papers in modeling, analyzing, quantifying and predicting stochastic phenomena in science and engineering from a dynamical systems point of view.

Papers can be about theory, experiments, algorithms, numerical simulation and applications.

Papers studying the dynamics of stochastic phenomena by means of random or stochastic ordinary, partial or functional differential equations or random mappings are particularly welcome, and so are studies of stochasticity in deterministic systems.

Occasionally, invited expository papers will also be published.


Mathematicians, physicists, biologists, engineers, economists etc. who are interested in developing and utilizing new dynamical systems techniques in the investigation of stochastic phenomena.

Editor-in-Chief Ludwig ArnoldBremen
Managing EditorJinqiao Duan IIT Chicago

Source: Jinqiao Duan

New Journal: Journal of Vibroengineering

ISSN 1392-8716 
Published 2 / annum 

Aims and Scope

Original papers dealing with modern developments in the area of theory and applications of mechanical, mechatronic and biomechanical systems are welcomed.

The following subjects are indicated as principal topics: Vibroacoustics and wave technology - theory and applications, Analysis, synthesis and dynamics of nonlinear vibration systems, Generation of vibrations of waves, Vibrostabilisation and control of motions, Vibration monitoring, system identification and diagnostics, Numerical and analytical methods for the solution of nonlinear dynamics problems.

Address of Editorial Board: 
Pilies str. 42 - 7, 

Address for submission of manuscripts (4 printed copies, doublespaced) for anonymous review: 
Pilies str. 42 - 7, 

Minvydas Ragulskis 
Kaunas University of Technology, 

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