UK Nonlinear News, February 2001

Recent thesis

Analysis and Numerics for the Local and Global Dynamics of Periodically Forced Nonlinear Pendula

Kyriakos Georgiou

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Surrey

Supervisers: Dr Michele Bartuccelli and Professor Tom Bridges

External Examiner: Professor John Elgin (Imperial)

Internal Examiner: Dr Stephen Gourley

Abstract of thesis: The thesis involves the analysis of three classes of nonlinear oscillators: (i) chaotic numerical analysis of global orbits of a forced spherical pendulum, modelled as a constrained dynamical system, (ii) nonlinear aspects of the dynamics of the forced upside-down pendulum, (iii) a spinning double-pendulum with a novel codimension-two singularity.

URL for complete published thesis and related publications:

Source: Tom Bridges

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