UK Nonlinear News, February 2001

Post-Graduate Program in Applied Mathematics at Sergio Arboleda University (Bogota, Colombia, South America)

By Reinaldo Nunez

The high level of competitiveness in an international environment, the importance of decision-making skills and the adaptation of new technological advances are all factors which require the skills to apply theoretical and applied knowledge, a large part of which is supported in the comprehension and application of mathematical models.

As an answer to these needs, the University Sergio Arboleda has developed the School of Mathematics which, during the last three years, has included in its program the area of Dynamical Systems.

Currently, this school offers an undergraduate program in Mathematics and post-graduate specialization in Applied Mathematics, with an emphasis on either Dynamical Systems or Operations Research.

Our short-term goal is to offer a full Masters Program in Applied Mathematics. At this time, various research proposals in the area of problem-solving are in progress and planned to begin in 2001.

For the implementation of these projects, the University has a group of four Guest Professors, Doctorates in Mathematics, two full-time professors, Masters in Mathematics, and twenty students registered in the course.


Taking into account the high level of investment made by the university to develop and offer these programs, we have encountered various difficulties:

Therefore, we are permanently looking for outside support in the following areas:

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