UK Nonlinear News, February 2001

Southern Bifurcation Meetings

David Chillingworth

The series of Southern Bifurcation meetings supported by the London Mathematical Society (Scheme 3) continues apace, with previous meetings this year at Imperial College and Exeter, and further meetings planned at Exeter (5 March), Surrey (first week in May), Southampton (first week in July) and Bristol (late September). For details watch the home page

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Workshop on Homoclinics and Heteroclinics

Jeroen Lamb

A one-day workshop on "Homoclinics and Heteroclinics" was held at Imperial College (London) on 6 December 2000. 

The main aim of the meeting was to discuss recent directions in this field, in particular with a twist towards Hamiltonian systems (an area of dynamics that is receiving increased attention in recent years). The programme was divided in two parts, a non-Hamiltonian morning session and a Hamiltonian afternoon session. 

The contributions of mainly young speakers reflected the promising future for the area in years to come. The topics included Homoclinic Doubling Cascades (Homburg and Oldeman), Studies of Homoclinics via Singular Perturbation Theory (Doelman), Homoclinic Dynamics in Area Preserving Maps (Gonchenko), Chaos in Hamiltonian Lattices (Rothos), and Capillary Surface Waves (Scheel). 

The meeting was supported by the London Mathematical Society (Southern Bifurcation Theory Group, and MASIE-UK joint research networks), the Nuffield Foundation, and the Department of Mathematics of IC.   

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Workshop on Dynamics and Intermittency

Peter Ashwin

15th January 2001, School of Mathematics, University of Exeter.

This was a half day workshop, partially sponsored by the Southern Bifurcation joint research group with support from the LMS under Sceme 3 (contact David Chillingworth at Southampton for more details). The speakers were C.A. Jones (Exeter), R. Sturman (Leeds), R.K. Tavakol (QMW), A.P. Dias (Porto) and M. Nicol (Surrey). The speakers discussed a number of applications and topics where temporal intermittency arises in dynamical systems. Two of the speakers were funded by EPSRC grant GR/N14408. The workshop was attended by 44 people, about half of whom were PhD students.

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