UK Nonlinear News, November 2000

Evgueni SKLYANIN to visit University of Leeds as Leverhulme Visiting Professor

The Leverhulme Trust has awarded a 10-month Visiting Professorship to Evgueni Sklyanin from the Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russia, to visit the Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Leeds. This visit begins on March 1st, 2001. Professor Sklyanin will give an advanced course of Leverhulme Lectures in the University of York in March-April 2001. These Lectures will be dedicated to the following topics of classical and quantum integrability: Quantum Inverse Scattering Method, method of Separation of Variables and the theory of Backlund Transformations. Details of the course will be announced later on. After giving the course, Professor Sklyanin will be involved in research on Jack and Macdonald polynomials with Professor Sleeman and Dr Kuznetsov from the University of Leeds.

Source: Vadim Kuznetsov (

Recent appointments in the Department of Mathematics, Heriot-Watt University

The following are recent additions to staff in the Department of Mathematics, Heriot-Watt University:

Dr Francis Clarysse Research Associate Wetting and interfaces, equilibrium statistical mechanics
Dr Simon Malham Lecturer Navier-Stokes analysis and reaction diffusion equations
Dr Kevin Painter Lecturer Mathematical modelling in biological and medical systems; pattern formation
Dr Przemyslaw Repetowicz EC Research Associate Spin Models, quasi-crystals
Dr Marco Rossi Research Associate Integrable systems
Dr Bernd Schroers Lecturer EPSRC Advanced Fellow Gauge theory, topological solitons, quantum groups
Dr Armen Shirikyan Research Associate Partial differential equations
Dr Richard Szabo Lecturer, PPARC Advanced Fellow string theory, noncommutative geometry, K-theory, quantum field theory
Dr Simon Willerton Research Associate Quantum and Vassiliev invariants of knots; topological quantum field theories

Source: Chris Eilbeck

Two new lecturers in mathematics at Surrey

Rebecca Hoyle has been appointed Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Surrey, starting 2nd October 2000. Rebecca received her PhD in 1994 from the University of Cambridge, supervised by Mike Proctor. Since then she has held postdoctoral appointments at Northwestern University in the US, St John's College, Cambridge and King's College, Cambridge, and most recently was an Associate at McKinsey & Company, London. Rebecca's research involves the investigation of the role of symmetry in pattern formation using asymptotics, numerics and group-theoretic techniques, with applications to the solidification of binary alloys, Faraday crispations, sandpile smoothing and aeolian sand ripples.

Anne Skeldon has been appointed Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Surrey, starting 11th December 2000. Anne received her DPhil in 1990 from the University of Oxford, supervised by Tom Mullin. Since then she has held postdoctoral appointments at the University of Guelph in Canada, University of Bristol, and the University of Nottingham and is currently a Lecturer at City University. Anne's primary research interest is in applying ideas from bifurcation theory and dynamical systems to physical problems, including pendulum dynamics, convection in liquid gallium, solidification problems, dynamo models. Most recently she has been working on implications of symmetry for pattern formation, with particular interest in superlattice patterns.

Source: Tom Bridges (

Recent appointments in the Lancaster nonlinear laboratory

Dr Natalia Janson (Research Associate) and Dr Alexander Balanov (Honorary Research Fellow) have recently been appointed for 3 years to work in the Lancaster nonlinear laboratory on a new EPSRC Physics for Healthcare project, "Nonlinear Dynamics of Human Blood-flow". They come from Vadim Anishchenko's nonlinear dynamics group at Saratov State University, Russia.

The project is being undertaken as a collaboration between: Professor Peter McClintock and Dr Dmitri Luchinsky at Lancaster University; Dr Peter Clarkson, cardiologist at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary; and Professor Aneta Stefanovska in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana.

Source: Peter McClintock

Ciprian D. Coman appointed to a post-doctoral research fellowship at the University of Exeter

Ciprian D. Coman started on 2 October 2000 as a post-doctoral research fellow on a three-year EPSRC grant held by Dr M. Khurram Wadee (School of Engineering and Computer Science) and Dr Andrew P. Bassom (School of Mathematical Sciences) at the University of Exeter. The project title is "Elastic localization and restabilization in the post-buckling of model structures".

Source: Dr M. Khurram Wadee

Xiaofan Wang appointed to a postdoctoral research assistant at the University of Bristol

Dr. Xiaofan Wang has been appointed as a Postdoctoral Research Assistant in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Bristol. He will be working with Dr Mario di Bernardo (Applied Nonlinear Mathematics Group, Department of Engineering Mathematics), Dr. Mark Lowenberg (Department of Aerospace Engineering) and Professor David Stoten (Dept of Mechanical Engineering) on a challenging, interdisciplinary research project supported by the EPSRC on the Control of Bifurcations in Nonlinear Systems with applications to aircraft flight dynamics. Before coming to Bristol, Dr. Wang was a Research Associate at the Department of Electronic Engineering, City University of Hong Kong. He was awarded a PhD in Mathematics by Southeast University, China in 1996.

Source: Mario di Bernardo.

Alistair Rucklidge appointed to a lectureship at the University of Leeds

Dr. Alistair Rucklidge currently at DAMTP, in Cambridge has been appointed to a lectureship in Applied Mathematics at the University of Leeds. Alistair currently holds an EPSRC Advanced Fellowship.

International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme: Non-Linear Responses and Surprises

IGBP has initiated a new research focus to study biospheric responses to global change that involve rapid nonlinear changes and thresholds. The initiative is very much in its early stages of development but some of the emerging objectives are:

A scientific committee has been assembled to prepare a first workshop that will bring together relevant research on this field from various core projects of IGBP. The committee is made up of Ian Noble (GCTE), Jim Reynolds (GCTE), John Dearing (PAGES), John Schellnhuber (GAIM), Paul Crutzen (IGBP-SSC, IGAC), Roger Pielke (BAHC), TBA (JGOFS), and Pep Canadell (coordinator).

Any views about the proposed programme in time for the next workshop in March 2001 would be most welcome.

Source: John Dearing

Modern Applications of Mathematics: A new MSc at Bath

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Bath has just been awarded 10 studentships per year for the next five years to run a masters training package in

Modern Applications of Mathematics

This is a one year full time (two years part time) course leading to an MSc qualification. Subject to final approval from Senate it will start in September 2001. The course will aim to bridge the gap between a mathematics degree and working in industry by teaching the skills needed to apply modern mathematical and scientific computing techniques in the modern workplace. Links with industry and interdisciplinary applications of mathematics will be emphasised.

Source: Professor Chris Budd (

New Prizes Announced for SIAM Dynamical Systems Activity Group

"The SIAM Council and Board has approved the establishment of two prizes for the SIAM Dynamical Systems Activity Group. They have been under discussion for some time, and the present SIAG officers and advisory board are pleased to see them come to fruition, and proud to honor the memories of the two scientists to which they are dedicated.

The Moser Lecture Prize and the J.D. Crawford Prize will be presented biennially at the SIAM Dynamical Systems Activity Group meeting. The first prize for each will be awarded at the next Snowbird meeting, May 20-24, 2001.

The Moser Lecture will be awarded to a person who has made distinguished contributions to nonlinear science, including dynamical systems theory and its applications, experiments and computations/simulations. The award will include an invitation to give a plenary lecture at the conference.

The J.D. Crawford Prize will be awarded to an individual for recent outstanding work on a topic in nonlinear science, as evidenced by publications in English in a peer-reviewed journal within the four calendar years preceding the SIAG/DS meeting at which the prize is awarded."

Source: Dynamics Notes 2000.02.

Preventing Premature Heart Disease: From evidence to chaos

There is intense activity in the UK in chaos applications to medicine. There are now many seminars and conferences on this subject across the country at various levels, from the technical to the general, practice, organizational and philosophical. A think tank at Cambridge University in December on "Rethinking cancer" will explore chaos among other newer ideas in the treatment and prevention of cancer.

Toronto cardiologist, Dr Vivian Rambihar, author of the first book on chaos in medicine, will lecture in December 2000 at UC London and at Cambridge on "Preventing Premature Heart Disease: From evidence to chaos," describing his proposal for a new nonlinear thinking in all aspects of medicine, and going from an evidence based to a chaos based medicine, the subject of his 1999 book. He has also written the first book on chaos in medicine, to be reprinted in 2000 as "Chaos 2000: Making a New Medicine," after James Gleick's "Chaos: Making a New Science," and will be a participant in the Cambridge think tank.

Source: Vivian S Rambihar (

New research centre: Centre for Chaos Control and Synchronization

A Centre for Chaos Control and Synchronization has recently been established at the City University of Hong Kong. Further details are available on its web site:

Source: Professor G. Ron Chen.

Web: European Science Foundation programme: Probabilistic Methods in Non-Hyperbolic Dynamics

There is a new website related to a European Science Foundation programme with available funds for exchange collaborative visits and small workshops.

Source: Stefano Luzzatto.

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