UK Nonlinear News, November 2000

Nonlinearity Meeting (14th May 2000)

Predrag Cvitanovic

The Nonlinearity Journal of the London Mathematical Society and the Institute of Physics organized a small open meeting 14th May, 2000 at University College London.

The meeting was delightful for several reasons - first, for the breath of the topics:

A. Chenciner (Paris) described a large new class of periodic solutions of the n-body problem, with n not just 3 or 4, but large, with many bodies marching along somewhat surprising paths. T. Prosen (Ljubljana, Slovenia) combined condensed matter and dynamical systems techniques to study ergodic properties of interacting spin chains. D. Bensimon (Paris) described experimental and theoretic advances in understanding the elastic properties of a single DNA molecule, and L. Bunimovich (Atlanta) performed a walk in rigid environments. W.J. Zakrzewski (Durham) described the recent advances in study of field-theoretical 3 dimensional topological solitons.

Even if this were more than you would have wished to hear in a day, the meeting was worth attending just to enjoy the beautiful Gustav Tuck Lecture Theatre, and check out Jeremy Bentham in his glass case.

The organizers are grateful to the London Mathematical Society and the Institute of Physics for support. An announcement for the next Nonlinearity meeting will appear in UK Nonlinear News.

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