UK Nonlinear News, November 2000

Update on the Global Nonlinear Community

by Cliburn Chan

In issue 11 of UK Nonlinear News, Sakse published a list showing the break-down of UKNLN subscribers by country. We decided to update the statistics for this issue, and note with pleasure that the UKNLN subscriber base has grown by 38.9% (1381 versus 994 subscribers). Obviously, the service provided by UKNLN is still perceived to be useful by the nonlinear community at large.

REGION  No countries  No. subscribers  % Change
UK  458  +16.8
Rest of Europe 30 384 +46.6
North America  3  204 -12.4
South America 6 19 -20.8
Asia  15 83 +84.4
Pacific 2 51 +34.2
Africa* 4 23 NA
Caribbean* 1  1 NA
Unknown* NA 158 NA
Total NA 1381 +38.9

( * These categories were not present in the previous analysis. )

There are several amusing points to note. A lone subscriber from Cuba forced the creation of a Caribbean category, since it seemed politically insensitive to include Cuba as part of North America. While most regions show healthy growth, there is an apparent drop in both North and South American subscribers. The main reason for the drop in North America is that .com and .net subscribers have been moved to the Unknown category, while previously they were classified under North America. There are 2 possible explanations for the drop in South American subscribers. First, in the previous analysis, only 2 countries were listed under North America, which suggests that Mexico was misclassified as belonging to South America. Second, the de novo creation of an Africa category in this analysis also suggests the possibility that all African countries were misclassified as South American the last time round!

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Last Updated: 27th October 2000.